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Brandon Spearman transfers to Simeon

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Add sophomore Brandon Spearman, a 6-3 guard/forward, to the mix of talented young players at the South Side powerhouse.

Spearman played at Hales his first two seasons. He started as a freshman, but received less playing time last season, which may have led to the transfer.

Weber's 2010 haul gets some validation

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I suppose Illinois coach Bruce Weber already knew the great talents he had in Waukegan's Jereme Richmond and Rich South's Crandall Head, but I'm sure it's nice to see that Scout.com's latest rankings of the 2010 class have Richmond ranked #7 and Head #12.

Both are a few years from actually signing, but just the perception of having two top 15 national talents coming in will, and has already, helped the Illini recruiting efforts.

CORRECTION: An astute Illini fan has pointed out that Head and Richmond are only 18 months away from signing, which is obviously not a few years. Sorry for the error (although those 18 months may actually feel like a few years for some Illinois fans).

Freeman transfers to Southern

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According to Southern Illinois assistant coach Lance Irvin, former Iowa guard and St. Joseph grad Tony Freeman has transferred to SIU. Freeman, a junior, will have to sit out next season, but will be eligible to play the 2009-2010 season.

Gordon Tech hires Loyola assistant Shay Boyle

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Boyle, who played in the Catholic League at Weber, has spent the past six years as a college assistant coach, first at Lewis and then at Loyola.

"I am very excited about the opportunity to work at such a tradition rich program and I look forward to bringing Gordon Tech back to the elite of the Catholic League," Boyle said in an email. "I played at Weber and have always had a great respect for the Catholic League."

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