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More schedule changes and a new Illini commitment

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Farragut and Simeon will not be playing Sunday. Right now, it looks like the game will be switched to Monday, but I haven't heard for certain yet.

And there is still no news on the rescheduling of the Marshall-Hales game.

I'll be at Marshall for the Farragut game tonight, so I'll see what I can find out.

In other news, Illinois and Bruce Weber picked up an oral commitment from 6-8 forward Tyler Griffey of Lafayette (Mo.), a junior. Another big win for Weber and his staff.

The Rematch: Young vs. N. Lawndale venue change

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Young and North Lawndale, who provided us with one of the best games of the season two weeks ago, will go at it again tonight. The game, originally scheduled as a North Lawndale home game, will take place at Collins at 7 p.m.

The bigger gym should make it enjoyable for fans, but you can bet that North Lawndale is not happy about giving up a home game. From what I understand, the Phoenix have never played at Collins before.

--Also, the Marshall at Hales game scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled/post-poned. The Public League didn't like the idea of overshadowing the girls city championship game, which is was supposed to be on television at the same time. According to Marshall coach Courtney Hargays, the game may be rescheduled for Monday, but that depends on when the city playoffs start. I'll let you know what's up as soon as I hear.

Two former Simeon stars move on

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Tim Flowers and Kevin Johnson, two key members of Simeon's back-to-back city and state championship teams, have left Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Johnson has resurfaced at Mineral Area JC, but Flowers intentions are unknown.

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