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Michael O'Brien: November 2006 Archives

Why do we need four classes?

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This is the final year of two class basketball in Illinois. Is anyone happy about that?

Ill. Hoops season preview issue available

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80 pages of Illinois prep basketball news and features...

Inside the Super 25

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A closer look at the rankings...

Jereme Richmond to Illinois

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The top player in the class of 2010 has given an oral commitment to Bruce Weber...

Tonight's game: No. 5 Bloom vs. No. 25 Leo

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The first test of the season for the Blazing Trojans...

A star is born

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Freshman phenom Jereme Richmond lived up to all the hype in his varsity debut...

Upset Tuesday

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Hales and Thornton both fall...

Brooks falls in Chris Head's debut

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Young and talented Zion-Benton crushes the Eagles...

Simeon tops AP Poll

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Simeon falls one vote short of being the unanimous preseason #1 team. Someone voted for Thornwood...

The season begins...

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Tonight I'll be heading to Lane to watch Brooks and Zion-Benton...

The preseason rankings are here...

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As you probably saw in today's paper, we've got Simeon No. 1, followed by Marshall, St. Joseph, Thornwood and Bloom. Here's what some other sources have to say...

It's official: Farrakhan to Virginia

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Here's what Mustapha had to say Tuesday afternoon...

Exclusive: Mustapha Farrakhan will choose Virginia

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Sun-Times sources have learned that Farrakhan will sign with Virginia.

Farrakhan is holding a press conference at 3 pm at Thornton...

An opening celebration

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Some of the top teams in the state gathered together Thursday night at the Nike Prelude to Hoops, a party to kick off the season. Here's an exclusive report from the Sun-Times...

Pick the 10-man team you'd run with this season...

The centers

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Time to finish up our look at the top players around the area...

Today is the first day of practice across the state. With recruiting behind them, the defending state champion Wolverines are focused on other matters.

Derrick Rose: "I didn't sleep last night"

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Rose on his commitment to Memphis...

Roy Schmidt on Rose's commitment

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The Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye recruiting analyst weighs in on tonight's decision...

Derrick Rose commits to Memphis

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Kevin Johnson and Tim Flowers both commit to Wisconsin-Milwaukee. More to come soon, sorry about the overloaded servers.

Rose family has arrived at the Martinique

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and so have the television crews...

The internet rumors are untrue, Calipari was not at O'Hare Airport today...

Live coverage of Rose decision

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Starting at 7 pm, we will provide live coverage of Derrick Rose's announcement.

The power forwards

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Remember, there will still be a high school basketball season after Derrick Rose chooses his school. Here's a look at the top power forwards...

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