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Who will replace Bobby Locke at Evanston?

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Evanston boys basketball coach Bobby Locke resigned on Friday and has taken the job at Brooks. Read all about it in Clyde Travis' story here.

So who will take the reigns at Evanston? The Wildkits have plenty of talent coming back, including a talented point guard (Garrett Jones) and a big man, James Farr, who opened a lot of eyes with his play this summer.

There are two big name possibilities: Rick Malnati and Rocky Hill. But questions surround both. Is Malnati interested in coaching again? Would Hill be interested in a job that far north?

Loyola coach Tom Livatino, who was one of the final candidates for the job five years ago, is reportedly happy with the Ramblers and not interested in the job. Livatino's brother Chris is the Evanston athletic director.

"I think Bobby did a great job with us," Livatino said. "We really appreciate everything he did for us while he was here."

Livatino said there isn't any timeline in place yet for hiring a new coach.

"We will be looking at candidates from outside and inside and all over," Livatino said.

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Most in Evanston were glad to see Locke go. He didn't use his talent properly at all. Great athletes sitting back in a 2/3 zone most of the time is not kosker. Need to use the athletes speed in an up tempo game. Should man to man press the whole game with the athletes we have in Evanston. Hopefully the next coach will see the athleticism and use it appropriately. He was on the firing line anyway before the Brooks opening.

As an alum, I would hope the athletic department doesn't go for Rick Malnati, who was often out-coached by multiple Evanston coaches while at New Trier. A possibility may be former player and current Wildkits girls coach Steve Wool, who teaches at the school.

I would hire former Evanston great Everette Stephens. He has accumulated a lot of coaching experience albeit at a small Elgin Academy school. He has led that team to some really good seasons despite having next to zero talent.

I think he would bring name recognition, can talk history (which he is a major part of) and is a great leader of boys.

Talent?? Great Athletes?? What team were you watchin? Everytime we went man they ate us up! And Steve Wool can't advance his girls, how can he coach boys??

I also have to say that I think it's a good thing to see Locke go. The basketball program seriously needs to go in a new direction. I do not feel that Locke did our players any justice. He's had two guys on the varsity teams and in my opinion, they have not developed since their freshman years. One even became academially ineligible last year. I also hated to see the guys in a 2-3 zone defense. Evanston boys basketball has traditionally played mostly man to man defense and has had the speed and talent to do so. I would also like to see some improvement in the discipline as well as assitance with getting guys into college. Find the best coach available, not the best black or white coach. Good luck to you, Coach Locke.

Some might not be aware of certain controversial issues surrounding Locke's hiring...Word was he talked outgoing eths superintendent alan alson into giving him the job with the caveat being Locke complete all necessary hours to get his bachelor's degree—as required by job title...During Locke’s reign as head coach he remained in a school security position same as prior to getting the head coaching job---did Locke ever fulfill the obligation of getting his degree?...In addition, Locke’s hiring came with many questionable issues being raised but will refrain from elaborating further due to inability to confirm as fact. Bottom line being is that Mike Ellis looks like a solid selection as new coach---I personally would have loved to see Lou Wool return to eths, and firmly believe he should have gotten the job before Locke, but he obviously made it clear of his intentions to remain at Wheeling regardless---so it goes---maybe someday.

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