By Michael O'Brien

NCAA adds basketball investigators

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While most members of the national college basketball media continue to deny what's going on right under their noses, the NCAA announced yesterday that they are beefing up their men's basketball investigative team.

Check out the story yesterday from USA TODAY.

And this choice quote from Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, who used to be an NCAA enforcement director:

""There is a loss of confidence among many coaches that the rules are being complied with. The best way I can describe it is a sense of cynicism.

"I'm talking about the corruption of the youth basketball program, the money that's used to influence recruiting. And ultimately the buying of players, either through third parties or through coaches or coaches and third parties -- agents. I can't tell you if it's three institutions or whether it's 15. But make no mistake about it; it's happening.. .. It's a corruption issue."

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Mike, thank you. At last a journalist who really acts like one. Kids on the street corner know what's going on- who suddenly has a new car, etc, but the NCAA doesn't? I will contribute to your legal fund against Calipari if you ask me too.

I bet those national media members know how to spell Delany, though.

Name your sources! if not then you are lying. That about sums you up. A. Davis to UK baby!!!! sit on that Mikie, we know you hate it.

Mike, I think your style of journalistic reporting is unprofessional, baseless, and immature. It make come back to bite you in the rear end.

But its ok for Roy Williams, Coack K, Bill Self and lots of other coaches to land top recruits but when Cal and UK does there is always something wrong? I don't get it, when we were shit for 5 years nobody cared what we did.

A journalist who really acts like one? Let's see...posts an article that buries the lede, references no sources, and has to be pulled in favor of a CYA slightly better written article -- with no apology for the poorly written version that was pulled? Yep, that does sound like a modern day journalist.

Michael your an embarrssment to the university of Louisville...quit publishing and writing tabloid give other journalists a bad rep

Maybe the above poster who mentioned Coach Cal needs to take a step back and consider that maybe there are good reasons for all the top prospects committing to UK. We all know this is about UK and its recruiting since Cal got here so lets not act like its not. Someone please name as many schools as you can that compare with the list of things UK has to offer below. It is the cream of the crop. Like it or not.

1. Winning Tradition
2. The Fans treat UK players like Gods in Lexington
3. UK has a following stronger than Christ has in Kentucky and all over for that matter. The UK brand is Global.
4. Most winning program in College Basketball history.
5. Coach Cal is a players coach.
6. The dribble drive motion offense lets players play. They can showcase there skills for NBA scouts. Not to mention its the most exciting way to play in the game right now.
7. The way Cal has developed players. Not just point guards. Look at D Cousins for example. Look at the improvement from the blue white scrimmage game to the night he was drafted 5th overall. Cal and his system benefit every position, not just point guard.
8. UK has state of the art facilities and will be upgrading to that in the next 12 to 18 months.
9.Oh yeah, Cal just sent five players to the NBA in the first round of the draft. One of which was a bench player who averaged 3 points and some change a game. Oh no, that wouldn't be a huge selling point.
10. Every game UK plays in on National TV. Top prospects love and need exposure to get them where they want to go.
11. Maybe, just maybe, Cal and his staff outworked the other Colleges and flat out just had more to offer.
12. Coach Cal is all about the players futures. He will not hold you back if you are ready for the NBA just to keep his program running. This is a players University. He said as much when he was hired. Prospects know this and can believe this based on Cals actions.
13. Who wouldn't want to play with other great players and compete for a national title on your way to the NBA? I would.

Just a few reasons Off the top of my head. Many more exist but I'm busy and have to go. What other colleges offer the above? Maybe a few have some of the 13 examples but none have even half.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but please take what I have said into consideration before making your final judgment.

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