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Former Farragut star Michael Dunigan heads to Israel

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Former Farragut star Michael Dunigan is apparently heading to Israel.

That means the three area recruits that headed to play for Ernie Kent at Oregon in 2008 have all moved on. Hales grad Matt Humphrey is at Boston College and Josh Crittle is at Central Florida with Young's Marcus Jordan, AJ Rompza and Dwight McCombs and Loyola's Jeff Jordan.

It's an interesting decision for Dunigan to go pro. By all accounts he is a smart kid, so it's not like he's choosing Europe because he's afraid of school work. Dunigan arrived at Oregon with a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He was expected to be the best big man at the school in decades. His two years had plenty of ups and downs and recently he'd been bothered by a hip injury.

It's interesting to read about Dunigan on Draft Express. Jonathan Givony has a keen eye for talent, and as harsh as he is in criticizing Dunigan's faults, he also hasn't given up on the chance that Dunigan has the potential to someday play in the NBA.

It usually takes big men a lot longer to figure it out. Area fans will remember Dunigan in his freshman and sophomore years at Farragut. He was almost as big as he is now, he often looked clueless, with bad footwork and no touch on his shot. But he always played hard and never let the mistakes stop him from trying. By senior year he'd developed into the kind of impact player that could help lead his team to an upset of mighty Simeon and Derrick Rose.

It'll be interesting to see how things play out in Israel.

The recruitment of De La Salle's Mike Shaw

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Mac Irvin Fire coach Mike Irvin tweeted yesterday that Mike Shaw "has scheduled in-home visits n the coming weeks w/ West Virginia, Illinois,DePaul,Marquette -working out details with Notre Dame"

Interesting news. In-home visits scheduled for the fall of his senior year. There have been rumors swirling around the past week that Shaw was close to committing. By my count, that is the sixth or seventh time I've heard that rumor in the past three years.

The Illinois and DePaul fanbases have been hearing about and obsessing over Shaw's recruitment for that long as well. I've got a sneaking suspicion they are going to have to wait a little longer.

Let me stress that this isn't coming from conversations with Shaw or with anyone around him. It's not from any source at all. I have a feeling this one might go the distance, that we may be waiting until March or June for Shaw's decision.

Illinois, Michigan State and DePaul were the front-runners for awhile. A few months ago I heard that if Shaw was heading to the Big Ten, Michigan State would be the choice. Well, they don't have a spot for him anymore. Shaw has spent a lot of time recently on the DePaul campus, leading to serious speculation that he was heading there.

Now, all of a sudden Notre Dame is back in the picture and West Virginia has appeared out of nowhere. It's obvious that Shaw is taking it slow and hasn't really ruled anything out. That's his prerogative and maybe it's the right decision. We've seen far too many area players make horrendous college decisions in the past few years.

Who will replace Bobby Locke at Evanston?

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Evanston boys basketball coach Bobby Locke resigned on Friday and has taken the job at Brooks. Read all about it in Clyde Travis' story here.

So who will take the reigns at Evanston? The Wildkits have plenty of talent coming back, including a talented point guard (Garrett Jones) and a big man, James Farr, who opened a lot of eyes with his play this summer.

There are two big name possibilities: Rick Malnati and Rocky Hill. But questions surround both. Is Malnati interested in coaching again? Would Hill be interested in a job that far north?

Loyola coach Tom Livatino, who was one of the final candidates for the job five years ago, is reportedly happy with the Ramblers and not interested in the job. Livatino's brother Chris is the Evanston athletic director.

"I think Bobby did a great job with us," Livatino said. "We really appreciate everything he did for us while he was here."

Livatino said there isn't any timeline in place yet for hiring a new coach.

"We will be looking at candidates from outside and inside and all over," Livatino said.

NCAA adds basketball investigators

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While most members of the national college basketball media continue to deny what's going on right under their noses, the NCAA announced yesterday that they are beefing up their men's basketball investigative team.

Check out the story yesterday from USA TODAY.

And this choice quote from Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany, who used to be an NCAA enforcement director:

""There is a loss of confidence among many coaches that the rules are being complied with. The best way I can describe it is a sense of cynicism.

"I'm talking about the corruption of the youth basketball program, the money that's used to influence recruiting. And ultimately the buying of players, either through third parties or through coaches or coaches and third parties -- agents. I can't tell you if it's three institutions or whether it's 15. But make no mistake about it; it's happening.. .. It's a corruption issue."

A Cubs World Series team

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The namesake club may be as far away from the postseason as ever, but the Cubs RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) senior boys team is off to a good start in national tournament play.

With Kenwood's Joba Ferrell leading the way, Chicago beat Puerto Rico 15-0 Thursday in pool play of the 18th annual RBI World Series in Jupiter, Fla. The local club for players ages 16-18 has another game later today against Houston and faces Los Angeles on Friday.

Ferrell struck out eight and pitched one-hit ball over five innings vs. Puerto Rico, and also was 2-for-2 with two RBI. Also contributing were Morgan Park grad Kendall Radcliffe (3-for-3, two runs, RBI) and Kenwood grad Michael Edwards (2-for-2, two RBI).

Mike Shaw visits DePaul

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De La Salle rising senior Mike Shaw visited the DePaul campus today. That's two elite talents in two days in Lincoln Park for new head coach Oliver Purnell (Anthony Davis visited on Monday).

According to a source, the visit went extremely well. Regardless of the outcomes of the Davis and Shaw recruitments, it seems that Purnell has DePaul back in the game.

"Kids are talking about DePaul again, they are out and involved and on the right kids," recruiting analyst Joe Henricksen said. "I give them credit for shooting for the stars right out of the box and not limiting themselves. They have set out to turn things around."

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