By Michael O'Brien

Chicago Demons in Minnesota

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The Demons submitted this writeup earlier in the week, if any other club teams would like to do the same this spring/summer, go ahead and email the info to

"The Chicago Demons 17-U made huge strides as a traveling basketball team with their impressive play at the Howard Pulley Sabes Invitational in Minnesota.

Led by All-Tournament team member Jamal Dantzler, the Chicago Demons proved that they are a force to be reckoned with on the travel circuit for 2009.

Pool play started out bleak for the Demons, as the coaching staff juggled with the line-up searching for a winning combination. As a result, the team lost their first two games; and found themselves down 20 in the third game. It was then that coaching staff shifted gears and installed a variety of full court pressure tactics. The Demons went on a 22-3 run, before Jamal Dantzler hit a buzzer beating 3-pointer to send the game into overtime. After trading baskets in overtime, the game was eventually won on a buzzer beating 3-pointer by Jermaine Hiler.

It was the aforementioned series of events that sparked more enthusiastic play from the team throughout the remainder of the tournament, including a playoff victory over in-state rival RBS.

This weekend, Jamal Dantzler proved to be one of Chicago's elite prospects from the class of 2010 as he scored points in a variety of ways. Jamal's offensive arsenal was on full display as he knocked down midrange shots, 3-pointers, dunks and free-throws.

Contributing to the success of the Demons were Jermaine Hiler, Floyd Campbell, Osay Williams, Justin Parnell, Keenan Blanks and Brandon Bates (5-5 on three-pointers in the OT win versus Iowa Attack).

The playoff run was disrupted by a strong host team, HP White, in the quarterfinals."

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