By Michael O'Brien

Malcolm Hill-Bey not playing vs. Fenwick

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Freshman sensation Malcolm Hill-Bey is in street clothes as the No. 10 Caravan warms up for a 7:30 game at Fenwick.

Haven't heard yet what the reason is. He looks healthy, so it could be a grades issue...

UPDATE: It's an ankle problem. Mount Carmel coach Mike Flaherty expects him to be back soon.

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Mr. O'Brien,

I find it very offensive that you would assume Malcolm's grades are not in order because he is in street clothes. That is a very ignorant statement to make, especially to find out that he is not healthy. Just because he isn't on crutches does not give you the right to say he seems healthy and post a rumor about his grades. Please don't post a speculation that brings down a kid's reputation.

Mr. Obrien,
For an established journalist you have to be careful in ASSuming that a kid is academically ineligible because he is in street clothes. In your response to the post you said that "a player that usually starts is in street clothes for only two reasons: grades or injury." That is also false. Maybe he missed practice, or broke some other team rule, but to suggest it's grades before knowing the truth with a black student at a predominately White Catholic school in 2008 is irresponsible journalism. I know you printed a correction but be mindful that there may be quite a few people who read your original post and did not read your correction and went on to believe or worst spread that mis-information about this young man. I understand how someone could accuse you of damaging Malcolm's reputation. Remember the media is the eyes and ears for many people and 99% of the time people believe what they read especially coming from a Chicago Sun-Times representative.

Thanks for informing us, Mike. I'd rather know he's not playing. Obviously, you didn't know for sure if it was a grade problem or not. Whoever ran with it otherwise is either stupid or looking for a fight...probably the latter.

Hello, I am currently a student at Mount Carmel High School and I want to let Mr. Obrien know that what he has published is an example of racism and discrimination for the following reasons. Malcolm Hill-Bey is an outstanding student because he works hard on every academic assignment the teacher gives to us. Malcolm puts an enormous amount effort into everything he does inside the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. Mr. Obrien has done exactly what no journalist should ever do, "assume"! Assuming that Malcolm Hill-Bey is having grade issues is immature. The reason why Mr. Obrien assumed that Malcolm wasn't playing because of academic ineligibility is because Malcolm is an African-American. If Malcolm was a white student at Mount Carmel High School who usually starts every game, I think Mr. Obrien would have found out more information before publishing his blog or ASSUMED injury before grades!

Thank You

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