By Michael O'Brien

Live from Winnetka, it's Friday night and it's over

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First game for Waukegan (8-0, 3-0 Central Suburban South) since taking over as No. 1 in Michael O'Brien's Super 25 Monday

The Bulldogs came out on top 59-53 in a game in which neither team was up by more than five until the last two minutes

Despite some serious foul trouble Jereme Richmond led the way with 20 points for Waukegan, Colin Nickerson had 13 and Quan Conner 11
Sean Stanley led the Trevians with 19 points, Fred Heldring added 13 and Alex Rossi 11

Before the game I had a chance to chat with Waukegan coach Ron Askew
He told me that his team "was playing the way people didn't think Waukegan could play -- sharing the ball and playing together."
I agree
I've watched Waukegan play basketball for 45 years, since I was a high school freshman
This team is for real and should make a statement to the state at Pontiac

And I agree with OB
Save an unbelievable performance against Thornton by Simeon's Jeremy Jones, JR is the best player I've seen

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I played against these kids at Waukegan fieldhouse about a month before the season started.Im a 27 year old WHS '99 graduate let me say a couple of things:

1.the starting 5 played pick up games that night, and didnt leave the court the entire evening. JR had a few monster dunks that night..pick up games, go figure

2. I aksed JR that night " are you all going down state this year?" he said "we are going to try"..thanks for being modest

3.THis team is the best WHS team ever and quite possibly will go down as one of the best in the state..eventually

4. WHS will continue to reload with Johnson and Akeem Springs..WHS is on the map

finnally..GO BULLDOGS!

you still have to beat EVANSTON! :)

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