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Twice is too many times

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Candace Parker was not a part of the controversy at Tennessee on Monday night

She also wasn't a part of the controversy from Naperville Central's sectional "victory" against Neuqua Valley five years

But she did benefit from both wrong calls

In a 2003 sectional, an apparent game-winning basket by Neuqua that replays show clearly beat the buzzer was not allowed and Naperville Central went on to win the game in overtime and the first of their two Class AA state titles

On Monday, the clock at Tennessee mysteriously stopped and a foul was called that allowed Tennessee to make two free throws with 0.2 seconds on the clock and beat Rutgers by a point.

It wasn't a bad call, it was a wrong call.

Since Tennessee coach Pat Sunnitt has already won more games than any Division I basketball coach, mens or womens, one coach suggested that she give this one back to the Scarlet Knights

Bad calls may be part of the game
But there is no room for wrong calls.

One of the officials or timekeepers at Tennessee stopped the clock and lied about it, unless you buy the theory that the clock stopped itself.

Now women's basketball, which needs positive publicity has .2-gate

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Steve, I believe if you do some research on this subject, you'll discover that the clock automatically stops if any of the three officials blow their whistle. My guess is that a whistle (from one of the OTHER two officials, not the baseline official) stopped the clock at 0.2 seconds and the timekeeper, noticing the clock stopped and play still ongoing, STARTED the clock again. This is just a guess, but it's an educated guess, since the timekeeper didn't seem to be getting any flak from the officials.

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