By Michael O'Brien

Public League Playoff pairings released

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And there is only one place to find them...


First Round

32 Brooks at 1 Simeon
17 Hyde Park at 16 Crane
25 Dunbar at 8 Farragut
24 Lane at 9 Washington
28 Northside Prep at 5 Young
21 Payton at 12 Morgan Park
20 King at 13 Foreman
29 Corliss at 4 Curie
30 ACT at 3 Von Steuben
19 Bogan at 14 Lincoln Park
27 Lindblom at 6 Englewood
22 Robeson at 11 Senn
26 Steinmetz at 7 North Lawndale
23 Manley at 10 Hope
18 Hubbard at 15 Fenger
31 Jones at 2 Marshall

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Having #3 Von Steuben and #4 Curie seeded ahead of #5 Whitney Young, #7 North Lawndale and #8 Farragut (!!!) seems odd.

Who seeds the city tourney, the coaches or CPS admin?

O'Brien responds: Seeding is done according to conference finish, it's not subjective at all. N. Lawndale and Farragut are low because they didn't win their sections.


What happen to Westinghouse?

Do you know a source on the web that has the CPS Playoff schedule, championship and consolation?

As a former coach in the Public League for more than a decade, I can tell you that most decisions lack objectivity.From the assigning of officials, to pairings, the hypocrisy has no bounds!

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