By Michael O'Brien

Tim Flowers is still in Milwaukee

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I spoke to the former Simeon all-stater Friday

He is appealing a loss of aid for school. Tim said that he returned home to help move his mother, who was ailing.

This is a great kid who I had the pleasure of watching not only on the basketball court, but as a junior on the gridiron.

I wish nothing but the best for Tim.

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shout out to tim i hope his mother gets better but in the meantime keep yo head up tim

That is garbage. Both Flowers and Johnson completely skirted their responsibilities to the team and Rob Jeter probably allowed it to go on too long. These are very immature people who have an over-inflated sense of self-value. For their sakes, hopefully they can get into junior college and do a little growing up.

Youre absolutely right I know for a fact that Tim Flowers was way out of shape and couldnt make it through the conditioning drills and was always late for practice. Look at the team's record since those two were kicked off the team, they were bad apples that lived off Derrick Rose's coat tails. The CPS schools need to do a better job of preparing student atheletes for the social adjustment that is called college athletics!!!!

i hope flowers ends up at UIC with Tracy Dildy

To Butler Fan: Your heart is in the right place, but the idea that we have to get HS students ready for College sports is off base. Our obligation is to prepare the students [athletes] to survive in college first and get ready then for the grind of college sports. The colleges have two divisions; 1. Students who want a degree, 2. and then there are the athletes who want to be pro's. It is wake up time for the big programs to get back on track. When the coaches and athletic directors get paid double what the sports people get, our country is going on a crash course into a society that will not know how to read and write. The sorry fact is one or two percent of the athletes make the big money and the rest [who do not get a degree] will have to make good without the skills to find good employment. WAKE UP AMERICA

Well said John, I agree.


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