By Michael O'Brien

Friday from Chicago State

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Steve Tucker's live blog from the Public League Holiday Tournament...

Farragut 52, Young 49
After a long three-pointer by Anthony Johnson was wiped out because it was rules he stepped on the line

There are 2.5 second on the clock and Farragut leads 50-49 after a runner in the lane by Darius Stowers after a Dunigan block

After three quarters

Young and Farragut are ties at 38 after a three-pointer by Farragut's Darius Stowers at the buzzer

Hello MJ
With 1:51 to play in the third quarter, Whitney Young junior Marcus Jordan made his first appearance since getting injured in the title game of the Proviso West tournament last weekend.

Farragut cut the deficit to 33-32 before a three-pointer by Julian Kenner
WIth less that a minute to play in the third, Young leads 36-35

Simeon 64, Marshall 45
Marshall's Ryan Hare and Darius Smith are benched the second half

After three quarters
Simeon 52, Marshall 31
And no, Derrick Rose didn't sneak into the game for the Wolverines

At the half
Simeon 32, Marshall 19
A huge second quarter for the Wolverines

After one
Marshall 11. Simeon 9
Davaris Davis' three pointer at the buzzer gave the Commandos the lead

Englewood 63, Von Steuben 61

After three quarters
Englewood was up 43-39
But Von got hot and took a 53-49 lead with 4:42 to play

At the half
Englewood 27, Von Steuben 25
The Eagles have rolled with the inside duo of Demarkus Jones (13) and Nicholas Waddell (9) doing most of the damage
Von's Eddie Dykes has scored 11 of the bench

After one quarter:
Englewood 10, Von Steuben 8

Englewood led 8-2 and 10-4 before two late baskets by the Panthers

Washington 63, Curie 60
Michael Haynes scored 12 of his 14 points on the fourth quarter as Washington rallied to win

After three, Curie 43, Washington 39
Foster has scored 20
Paramore has 13

At the half
Curie 27, Washington 22

Donavan Foster scored the first seven points in the second quarter and the Condors finished the half with an 8-0 spurt

After one quarter in the first game of the fifth-place bracket

Washington 16, Curie 8

Paris Paramore had eight for the Minutemen
Freshman Wayne Blackshear scored four for the Condors

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This is more for Michael O'brien,

Mr. OBrien,
I have come to the conclusion that your rankings are not of any credibility late in the season. They appear to be only rankings of 'potential'. In the rankings out in the Monday, Jan21st Sun-Times, you have Young(15-3) ahead of North Lawndale(17-2). Although records alone do not tell the whole story, their records do indicate that both teams consistantly win. The deciding factor should be the head-to-head matchup. NL beat Young. They should have a higher ranking.
Oak Park beat Fenwick earlier in the year. They have identical records. So you put OP ahead. Good! Do the same with the overhyped Cyrus McGinnis machines.
Another case, on Friday, DeLaSalle(15-3) beat Hales(14-6-all loses to good teams). Yet Hales still ranked higher than DLS. Sure, Hales has potential and they've played a tough schedule, but where are their quality wins?

I want a ranking that is based on results, not potential.

Put HF First, not Simeon in that weak conference and weak 3-A playoff bracket. Put NL ahead of beloved Young, Put DLS ahead of Hales, etc.


O'Brien responds: Phil, I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the rankings. Sorry, but I don't base the records on any one thing (head-to-head). I base it on a season of work. Hales won the Big Dipper and Young won the Proviso West Tournament. Those carry a lot of weight. Simeon is clearly deserving of the top ranking. They won the Public League Holiday Tournament and Pontiac. That is an amazing feat, why should they be penalized for being 3A?

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