By Michael O'Brien

Public League basketball coordinator Cyrus McGinnis on the Jerrance Howard hire

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"I think it was a good hire for Illinois," McGinnis said. "He's a fine person. I've met him a few times. He's a loyal guy and a great fit. I think he'll do a good job for them."

On the reaction in the city:

"There hasn't been a reaction. There's no backlash. All the players I know speak highly of him."

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Well, I guess this refutes the ridiculous column/blog written earlier by Taylor("I hate Illinois") Bell. A person with credibility and a name thinks Howard was a great hire, just like everyone except Bell and some unnamed coach, who could be a figment of Bell's imagination.

"There hasn't been a reaction. There's no backlash. All the players I know speak highly of him."

Huh?! No reaction? None at all? Good or bad? Not likely.

Followed by a statement that "There's no backlash."? Who asked about backlash? Why did McGinnis say such a thing?

And "All the PLAYERS I know..." - what about the coaches? That has always been the issue. The players have always wanted to come to the UofI, but someone keeps changing their minds, and nobody seems to know much.

O'Brien - you have to dig deeper.

I think jerrance is a terrific hire. Jerrance and i spoke on the phone the other day and he has big plans for the future. He is a very good man and has no problems with anyone!

With Bryant out at Marshall, are they a legit top ten team going into the season?

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