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When is the last time that Waukegan and Wauconda started the football season 3-0?

I know that Otto Graham played at Waukegan, but I'll bet it's been a while
And Koz looks like he has Wauconda headed toward the state playoffs. The big showdown in that league will come Sept. 21 when Grant comes to Wauconda

Waukegan has a big test Saturday when it hosts Glenbrook North (2-1) fresh off its upset win over Maine South

Another when is the last time is when is the last time Thornton started a season 0-3?
It was 15 years since the Wildcats started 0-2 before this season

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Not sure when the last time was that Waukegan and Wauconda started their seasons 3 and 0. But I do know that the Grant Bulldogs beat Wauconda tonight and GCHS is now 5-0. Go Dawgs!

I know Joliet Catholic is a traditinal power and do have some of the state's best players, but Minooka High School has a solid linebacker by the name of Biran Bonds playing for them. Just some food for thought from this Southwest Prairie fan.

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