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Class of 2008 confusion continues

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USA Today released its Top 50 rankings today and Oak Park star Iman Shumpert is nowhere to be found...

DeAndre Liggins, the former Washington star, is No. 22 and Farragut center Michael Dunigan checks in at No. 30. Shumpert, who is ranked as high as No. 15 by one national recruiting site, is not on the list.

The list is just another sign that the Class of 2008, locally and nationally, seems to be primarily composed of a bunch of mid-level prospects.

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I checked the Top 50 list and Iman Shumpert isn't on the list, but when I looked for him in the Top 150 list, he's ranked No.32
I don't think its something to get too worked up over. I believe Rob Harrington, accidently left him out, and if not, then he shouldn't be making any kind of list.

O'Brien responds: Nice catch. The talent level is just really down compared to the past couple of years. For example, the 15th ranked player two years ago was Gerald Henderson, three years ago it was Brandon Rush. This year, there don't seem to bet any real impact guys after the first 3-5 players.

Shumpert is ranked 32nd of 150 by Rivals. He is unranked by USA Today's Harrington.

Illustrating again that these national rankings (Rivals and Scout chief among them) are crap.

Don't beieve the hype...

To make the point, where was Luther Head ranked in 2001 or Alando Tucker in 2002? Were they even ranked at all?

If you're paying subscription fees to access recruiting sites, you're being swindled.

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