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Shumpert on North Carolina: "I'm going to give them a closer look now."

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Scott Powers just spoke with Iman Shumpert about the scholarship offer he received today from North Carolina coach Roy Williams.

"He texted me this morning and said the scholarship was mine," Shumpert said. "I'm going to give them a closer look now. I said I would look at them more seriously if they offered me. I'm thinking of taking an unofficial visit there."

Shumpert is playing in the Stagg shootout and at a tournament at Notre Dame this weekend.

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Shouldn't Iman stay in Chicagoland and team up with Michael Dunigan (not to mention Nick Fruendt, Nick Shurna, Michael Thompson, and Mike Capocci) to lead the Northwestern Wildcats to the Final 4? What a ride that would be. Like the 1995 Rose Bowl team. Wheaties Boxes. Leno. The entire country rooting for them.

Why go to UNC where he would be just one of many great players, when he can stay in Chicagoland and become a LEGEND and do the unthinkable.

Northwestern would be a great choice for both Shumpert and Dunigan. Making history in Chicago together.

That is about the silliest thing I've ever read. Have you been to UNC. Its a blueblood bball school; they recruit the finest talent in the nation.

Beautiful campus
Top Notch facilities
Great fans
High percentage of attractive coeds
Well respected education
National TV exposure
March Madness
Playing against top notch competition
Mingling with UNC alumni that play in the NBA

A tradition of not making any post season tournament
Very nice campus
High school facilities
A fanbase that continually allow rival fans to "own" their stadium
Close proximity to a world class city
Top notch education
Minimal tv coverage
Playing against top notch competition

I graduated from a school with great bball tradition; I have observed, as a fan, what is necessary to compete at the highest level. Besides the education, Northwestern doesn't offer anything else that would attract top notch talent. Carmody doesn't play a style that would convince young kids to play for the Wildcats. Northwestern is in a tough predicament. A local kid will look at local programs like Illinois(recent Final Four appearance) or Depaul if they want to make "history".

I don't know if Iman Shumpert ever looks at this site, but if he does I would like to say this to him:

It's a real pleasure watching the way you are managing the recruiting process, instead of letting the recruiters manage you. I admire you for telling Roy Williams that you need an offer from him if he wants in on your recruitment.

Why? First, because Roy maybe didn't even know who you were until he saw your name on an internet list this spring. Second, because there are coaches (Brey, Crean, Les, Weber) who have been watching your games and talking to you for awhile and you seem to appreciate their interest and encouragement.

So regardless of your final choice, just keep your head on straight and make the choice that's best for you.

P.S. - this fan would like to see you play in state, but's your decision.

Thanks to awr for the complementary posting about Iman. I agree completely with awr. I admire the way that Iman has handled the recruiting process....remaining loyal to the coaches who first contacted him, while simultaneously exploring additional options. College basketball experts say that Carolina "selects" rather than "recruits." So, Iman should be flattered by their scholarship offer, it is a result of his hardwork.
Having said all that, I also hope that Iman goes to college in state. He knows the melody to the OPRF fight song and has a lot of orange and blue in his wardrobe, so the transition to the Illini would be easy!

This guy played Weber like a fine musical instrument. With style and flair.

Illinois has missed out on many in state recruits through the years, and you can't blame Bruce Weber for all of this. Weber can coach, and he has proved this with his record the last few years. People will say he had Bill Selfs players. Well, Roy Williams had great players at Kansas, and never won a championship, and then won the championship with Matt Dougherty's recruits.

Dean Smith, the great N.C. coach for 36+ years had some great teams. The team with Jordan, Worthy, Perkins, etc. won on Jordan's last second shot for his first championship, and then he won his 2nd when Chris Webber called the timeout. 36 years, great talent and only two championships on last minute shots.

Bill Self is a great recruiter, but his coaching skills are not equal to his recruiting and has yet to win anything. Weber on the other hand has developed some very good ball players, and has made players like Luther Head, & Deron Willims pro ready and they are now flourishing.

We are now into an era of one year and out. So the pressure is on the coaches to get the player or two for the one year and win, because they might not get the chance again for a long time.

Weber tries to get good players and make them better, and he also wants to recruit scholastically capable players. It used to be student athletes, and now it seems it is reversed, and they are athletes first and students second.

Things are not in perspective any more. Kids aren't interested in learning or getting an academic education, but instead have their eyes set on the NBA with college as a one year spring board to attain that goal.

Weber will get some good ball players and eventually a blue chipper and when he does, he will know how to coach a championship team. Calaperi has built an image at Memphis, but they have yet to win anything any more then he did at UMass.

Coach K hasn't had a winner in a while. Gary Williams does it @ Maryland much the same way Weber does it @ Illinois. He gets good players and makes them better, and he finally did win a championship.

Getting kids to buy into the reality of education and learning vs. a quick trip to the NBA is not an easy sell. Illinois has a proud tradition, and with Michael Jordan's son Jeffery there now as a walk on, this could be a turning point for more kids to come there including his brother Marcus who has now transferred to Young in Chicago to play in the top competition. With Michael now in attendance for the Illinois games, I can see some inroads being made in the future, and Illinois will again be back in the top 25 and it will be under Weber who knows what to do and how to coach.

Iman may not check the site, but I sure do. Illinois had a chance to get some major talent coming out of Illinois and lost them all, how sad for them. I thought the same about Northwestern, had they got a little more talent, they would have been great. Northwestern and NCAA don't normally go together, but there could have been a first. You have to like Marquette, Clemson, and Georgia Tech for the teams they have now. What can you say about N. Carolina. The recruiting has been tough, but he is a very down to earth young man and there is no pressure on him, because his family will not let pressure build to the point where he can't handle it.

Michael O'Brien,

Can you confirm that the July 19 comment was posted by Tony Shumpert, Iman Shumpert's uncle?

Or is it a case of someone unrelated to the Shumperts using that name to post a comment?

O'Brien responds: Nope, I can't confirm it.

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