By Michael O'Brien

North Carolina has offered Oak Park guard Iman Shumpert

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Roy and Harv Schmidt of the Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye Report have the scoop...

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Iman, Roy Williams will have your understudy on campus by the time you are a sophomore. And you'll find yourself below whomever that person is on the depth chart the first time he blows by you in a pickup game that the coaches just happened to hear about from a concerned third party, during that period between the start of classes and October 15th, when we all know that NCAA basketball coaches suddenly lose all interest in hoops and are never in close enough proximity to "casually glance" at those intense pickup games that occur nightly in every D-1 practice facility from coast to coast. Go talk with Bruce Weber, do your home state proud, and deliver us from Chester Frazier, Trent Meacham, and Jamar Smith.

Mr ken TAYLOR,

The best kind. The kind that loves the Illini through and through, but is a realist. And that reality tells me that the Illini have three of the slowest, one dementional guards that have played quality minutes in the Big Ten in recent memory. What does it mean when you have a player such as Frazier, who does nothing well except eat up minutes in an obviously heavy on bodies, light on skills rotation. He's slotted in with two others, Meacham and Smith, who'd be fair to partly cloudy off the bench in that "instant offense" role. The unfortunate thing is that one of them will have to play significantly more minutes than this role requires, which makes the orange and blue even more dependent on the one that is left out of that area of the rotation. What this means is that we'll be treated to even more of those stretches like the last ten minutes of the Va. Tech game last spring when we last saw our heroes in action. Times when nobody could hang on to the ball for two seconds, nor throw the ball into an ocean. And please, don't tell me about how Smith would have hopped off the bench, buried a couple of trey's, and sent the Illini foraging further into the big dance if he'd been available for that game. He'd been pretty ordinary up to that point in time when the unfortunate Carlwell incident occurred.

Understand this, I love the Illini, and Bruce Weber. But unless theres a serious upgrade in recruited talent, get ready to get yo struggle on for the foreseeable future. Ron Guenther better take anger management courses this summer, cause he's going to be tempted to call a few people a lot worse names than he called Warren Carter last spring, before this this season is over.

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