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Matt Humphrey on Illinois: "It got to the point where I had to wonder if they really wanted me."

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Humphrey says he would have picked Illinois if they had offered last year...

"I can actually say I would have gone to Illinois if they had offered me earlier," Humphrey said. "It got to the point where I had to wonder if they really wanted me. When I went to Midnight Madness I thought I would get an offer, but they didn’t offer until a couple months ago. That’s a part of the way they handle things. I don’t take it as a bad way to do things. That’s just the way they are."

Humphrey's mother and father both went to Illinois. His dad was on the baseball team.

"It was the first school I ever thought about going to," Humphrey said. "I just know with my situation they just waited too long to let me know that they really wanted me. They had the opportunity."

Humphrey isn't worried about the reaction from Illinois fans.

"I know that some other players heard stuff after committing other places," Humphrey said. "But I'm not sure it really matters how [the Illinois fans] feel that I'm not going there. It's not their fault and it's not mine either."

Humphrey and Dunigan committed today in a conference call with the Oregon coaches.

"Oregon was just the best fit for me as a basketball player and for my family as well," Humphrey said. "They just always stayed consistent. They were one of the first to offer and stick with me."

Former Meanstreets player Joevan Catron, who is sophomore at Oregon, played a part in the decision.

"It was an example," Humphrey said. "He looked good, lost a lot of weight and he was progressing as a player. That wasn't a huge factor. It was just a bonus.”

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"I would have went there if they offered me last year."

Boo-hoo. Too bad you didn't deserve an offer last year. I've never seen a more spoiled bitter kid. I wish you the best, but if you thought you deserved an offer last year you are way too full of yourself. Good luck at Oregon.

Hey, I'm in Oregon!

The people in Chicago just stopped thinking about Humphrey...and Dunnigan.

Oregon...that's funny.

Self-importance is apparently taught in High School.

You weren't good enough to warrant an earlier offer, don't you get it? Have fun in Eugene, Oregon!

BOOOOO HOOOOO! "Illinois didnt offer me soon enough" Well Mathew, go on out to Oregon where nobody in Chicago-land will ever see you play and then come home and once again be the nobody that you already are. Make your mark as a duck and then boo-hoo about the NBA not offering you soon enough. You will find the NBA just like Illinois, they will watch you and have interest in you but until you prove you belong, they wont offer you squat. ........ Geeez, what a snot nosed spoiled brat. Did your daddy EVER spank your ass or did you call the shots with him, thus explaining your bad attitude?

Yet another example of Weber letting local talent leave. These kids are not spoiled, they are smart, B-Web must go if we want to return to a top ten program. These are both 4 year players, humprhrey did not have a good year, however he is better than what else we are targeting.

All of you Weber apologists need to wake up, he is the problem, we need a recruiting coordinator who knows the city and can get these kids down to champaign. Maybe a local guy like Loren Jackson could do it from Boys 2 Men. Let me hear it...they are spoiled, oregon paid to have them...etc...or face facts, Weber cannot connect and close. Shumpert will be gone as well, the top four players in IL will be going outside of IL.

I think you guys can ease up on the kid a little bit! This site has become either bash the Illini or support the Illini. It appears he was only responding to the question of why didn't he choose Illinois. So get off of Matt's back and focus on what's really going on and that's Illinois can't BUY a local star!

Maybe instead of defending the Illini like I see done on this site repeatedly, we Illini can learn from this and call (Ron Guenther - Illinois A.D.) and pressure him for a coach that can recruit AND coach!

The responses of some of you worry me, kind of like you acted when Bill Self went to greener pastures in Kansas!!!

Tyrone - Exhibit A - Typical Illinois basketball fan. I bet you're what, 40 years old, calling out a 16 year old kid?

You guys are so classy. By the way, GO HOOSIERS!

If he would have gone to Illinois if they offered last year, why is he going to a school that just offered? Wasn't he "disrespected" by Oregon? That's only a "rule" for Illinois? Illinois has to offer players that haven't earned a scholarship a year early or they're out of the running?

Wanted an earlier offer then goes to a school that offered later. Wanted academics and went to a school that is a joke academically. Parents wanted to see him play -- well good luck with that. Sounds like he is bitter he was not the top priority and went somewhere that he was (of course that was only to land Dunigan but he can pretend it was all for him).

"So get off of Matt's back and focus on what's really going on and that's Illinois can't BUY a local star!"

Where's Jimmy Collins when you need him.

Weber will NOT be the Illinois basketball coach in two years. The writing is on the wall. The merrymen are jumping ship and he is a missed NCAA tournament from getting fired which will happen in the next year or two given the talent level.

It's too bad as he is a good human being and a good coach but at this level you need players. Period. He is not getting the talent here.

Oregon a joke academically? Sorry bud, but Oregon graduates a higher percentage of their basketball players than almost any high-major in the country. If you read the quotes from both Humphrey and Dunnigan and their parents this was a major reason for their choosing of Oregon.

Just goes to show the incredible stupidity and lack of class that DUI fans show waaay too often. Death threats to Gordon. Wishes of failure and hatred to Dunigan & Humphrey.

The DUI are getting KARMA back in spades, sweethearts.


Yea right on the death threats. Lie Lie Lie, the Gordan's that is. About the only truth that came out of that was the Sampson and Gordan's mom.

"I just know with my situation they just waited too long to let me know that they really wanted me. They had the opportunity."

Maybe Tim Floyd is on to something. Maybe he has his finger on the pulse of the teenage basketball talent. Maybe you have to make an offer to an 8th grader so you won't be late to the party.

Oregon's program is on the same level now and looking into the future as Illinois.

When are you u of i fans going to realize that your program isn't nc, kansas, kentucky, duke, or any one of the true top tier programs (I dislike all these teams), they can't just come in at the end and get any top player who is prime time as a sophmore just bc they're from chicago.
Collins, Scheyer, Rose, Wright, Frazier, Bynum, just to name a few. In the mean time Wade, Tucker, McNeal, Beverly, kids who go to Oregon, Rose's teammates going to UWM, soon to be schumpert are ignored all together or until it's too late. They all probably want to go to U of I but are ignored, and end up better than the players on U of I. That program needs to either quit being so lazy and do their homework earlier or realize their palce in the world as a 2nd tier program


Good luck Matt, as a former grad and baller at Hales 74' don't let these Illini haters get to you. With the fab fresh now gone at Ohio St, The Big Ten is now a very weak conference for about the next few years. I also notice how Weber disses Chicago kids thinking they all will not meet the so called academics rigors at Illinois. I always hated Illinois for that and thats why Indiana with Sampson will have a field day with Chicago area recruiting!

"When are you u of i fans going to realize that your program isn't nc, kansas, kentucky, duke, or any one of the true top tier programs (I dislike all these teams), they can't just come in at the end and get any top player who is prime time as a sophmore just bc they're from chicago...that program needs to either quit being so lazy and do their homework earlier or realize their palce in the world as a 2nd tier program"

Well, they certainly have the potential to be a top tier program. Rabid fan base (granted, with its fair share of idiots), close to recruiting hotbed of Chicago, great conference, etc. I mean, if a team like UConn can become a top tier program, so can Illinois! The problem, it seems, and I hate to say this because he truly is a great Xs and Os coach, does appear to be Bruce Weber. I think his recruiting is a big reason why Illinois is a second tier program right now. Of course, the answer isn't just to bring in a coach that is a great recruiter but an average coach (see Bill Self at about underachieving), you have to have both parts of the equation: great recruiter, great coach. If you fire Weber, can you find that guy? How many coaches out there fit this criteria? If Weber was fired, who would you like to see as the new head coach? And remember, the guy has to have connections in Chicago.

Go on to Oregon and enjoy yourself. When you graduate and/or go to the NBA don't worry. These clowns around here will still be making around $5 a hour and will still be hating and complaining.

Don't let these average jealous fans faze you one bit.

It must really blow to be a hater of Humphrey as so many are here.

Here is a kid, an A student, comes from a stable two parent family of considerable financial means, attends one of the state's leading high schools, is blessed with outstanding hoops talent, tall, slim and a handsome young man, yet to many here he is the anti-Christ.

Jealousy is a terrible thing.

The tin-foil hat wearing, orange kool-aid drinkers, tapping away at their keyboards in the basements of their mother's house would give their left testicle to have one-half the future this young man has in front of him.

For him to have a brassy enough scrotum to tell BAM to kiss his ass, rightly or wrongly, because of the way he feels he was recruited, indicates to me that he is a young man with a strong constitution and family network and not about to bow to any pressure.

Kudos to young Mr. Humphrey and much success on the hardwood.

Meanwhile Weber/Illinois loses out on Collins, Scheyer, Wright, Beverly, Livingston, Rose, Gordon, and the hits keep coming.........yet Weber needs to change his Depends and does backflips over signing a freaking walk-on last month.


WEak response, you prove how little you know about U of I hoops. Humprhey wass not the savior of IL basketball, he had a very weak year and Jeff Jordan owned him when they played Loyola. Tall slim and handsome? Go read the fashion section and stay off of this board, his J is marginal at best and he is about 20 pounds under weight.

Dunnigan is the man though, Humprhey? He is no beverley thats for sure.

You are right, Humphrey is not Beverley, he may be a more athletic Luke Jackson. Or a future Michael Redd type. He has a better shot and upside than any of the players on their roster. You gotta be kidding me, Oregon just landed a pair of sweet sixteens. This team will be a force from the PAC-10, that also features O.J Mayo and another Spartan who should have replaced Dee Brown; Jerome Randle. Somebody find a mid-major job for Weber, he can't play with the big boys, Humphrey obviously can. Let us not forget that Humphrey is a 6'5 gaurd and plays longer, just like Jeff Jordan. NOT!!!!!! Hales '02


Your name should be Diddy-Squat, as in don't know Diddy Squat about basketball.

Yeah, Jeff Jordan got offers from Valpo and who else ?
Matt Humphrey turned down better offers than Jeff every dreamed of.

Weber has done just about the impossible, taken a National Championship game team to an also ran, cannot build on the recruiting bonanza that should have generated and is still recruiting like he is still in Carbondale.

There is a reason this guy had to wait 17 years in West Layfayette for a Head Coaching job and we in Illinois are seeing why.

X's and O's are great, but recruiting is just as much a part of coaching, probably even more so.

Look at Sonny Cox, could not coach his way out of a paper bag but he has 3 Rings from his years at King because he had the horses.

Darryl, I simply stated Jeff Jordan shut down the almighty Humphrey, your boy got owned head to head. As for Sonny Cox are you serious? He only won three state titles with all that talent??? I do not disagree with your WEber assesment you are right on. Switch coaches, switch shoe contracts and get me a guy who can recruit the city. Kruger burned many bridges that have continued to follow us since we let Collins go. I think Humprhey may be good, he needs to bulk up and get his head straight and not get down on himself when he misses a couple in a row. His game gets derailed way to easy. It will be interesting to see how everyone reacts when Schumpert goes to unc. PS referencing Cox as well shows how truly little you know about hoops he should have dominated, 3 titles is pathetic with the transfers he had.

Bye Bye Darryl while you think of something clever to post try and get some good material and something better than an obscure reference to a has been hack cheater of a coach who could not even win the CPS year in and year out.

Yeah, Diddy, you sure know CPS hoops.

What years did Cox NOT win when he was supposed to ? What talent on his squad those years, who did he lose to ? I KNOW the years he did not place and the players on those teams and who he lost to, do you ? Or are you just another jealous tool of the CPS that could not beat Sonny?

Based on your line of warped thinking, Bob Hambric was a total loser, I mean, according to you, with all the talent he had and he only won one title - and that was the year he had the best player in the nation on his squad.

Teams with Nick Anderson, Deon Thomas, Bryant Notree, etc, never even sniffed the State Quarterfinals. So I guess that makes Hambric an even worse coach than Cox.

Listen, there are plenty of high school coaches, great x and o men, who will only get to Peoria by paying their way there. Cox has three rings and a second place and there is nothing you can do about it.

Darryl see my rebuttal I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

Coach Cox benefitted from a Chicago Public League climate that was lawless. His teams until the early 1990’s were All-Star teams by virtue of his outright recruitment of the city’s best players. Efrem Winters (Illinois), Marcus Liberty (Illinois, Denver Nuggets/Detroit Pistons), Levertis “Levertical” Robinson (Cincinnati), Jamie Brandon (LSU), Rashard Griffith (Wisconsin), Thomas Hamilton, Michael Hermon (Indiana) and Leon Smith (Atlanta Hawks/Seattle Supersonics) all played for the Pimp of the Public League. It was this kind of stratospheric talent that enabled Cox to steal three state titles (1986, 1990, 1993) despite having a coaching IQ in the single digits. The fact that Cox has a trio of state titles is a crime. Fortunately, when the Public League began to enforce even a modicum of rules, Cox’s fortunes plummeted and he disappeared.

First of all, Diddy, plagerism is a crime. The paragraph you stole from someone else should be attributed at least in parenthesis. The style of writing in that paragraph is much more literate than anything you have ever posted here.

But back to the facts, you know what those are don't you ?

During the time period in question, in order to mitigate the horrible conditions segregation of the Chicago Public Schools had brought, the Board of Ed created what was known as Options for Knowledge. A program that allowed students to live anywhere in the City to attend any school in the City if it had an Options program. The Options program at MLK was Radio/Televison Arts and many student athletes, seeing a life after hoops, were attracted to it.

The ability to bring student athletes to ANY school was available to EVERY coach. However the other coaches were too LAZY to work at making their programs better so they found a booger-man in Sonny Cox, to cover up their own shortcomings.

Those are the FACTS. But do not let them get in the way of your little rant.

No rant, Options for knowledge, I must have missed the many awards King won for the Radio Television arts program attained during this same time period. Your argument is weak at best and you know it.

Fact remains...all that talent and only three titles. You blatanly discredit the likes of Hambric and Condotti as lazy, you know nothing about Chicago Hoops, but look at the bright side, I am sure you and Sonny get along quite well with each other.

Man Diddy, this Darryl m. is totally abusing you.

We are still waiting for the list of players on King that did not win State that were so talented.

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