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Matt Humphrey and Michael Dunigan commit to Oregon

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Meanstreets coach Tai Streets sends two more off to a high-major...

"Joevan [Catron] is having a great time out there," Streets said. "I’m sure they talked to him. I’m sure it had a little bit to do with him."

Dunigan earned rave reviews this weekend at the Peach Jam. According to Streets, his potential is unlimited.

"He's reached the point where he's unstoppable one on one," Streets said.

Both players were considering Illinois, but once again, the Illini have fallen just short with an in-state target.

"I don't know what the problem is," Streets said. "I love [Illinois coach Bruce Weber]." He's a great guy and a great coach. Personally, I like Illinois a lot. I guess the kids liked Oregon. Matt and Mike were both wide open and had mentioned Illinois. Weber is a great dude and he's just having a bad string. I'm sure it will turn around."

Dunigan and Humphrey have both qualified.

"These kids are 4.0 students," Streets said. " It’s amazing. It has a lot to do with their surrounding. Mike’s mom is always making sure he does the right thing and it's the same way with Matt's family."

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is Tai Street being honest about what he says to kids about Weber?

It doesn't matter if Tai Streets is being honest or not about Bruce Weber and Illinois. The fact remains that Weber and his staff are not getting the job done, period.

The recruiting game is one of back-stabbing, undermining behavior and if Bruce and his staff can't get the job done then they need to find someone that will.

I'm tired of making excuses for my school and their lack of recruiting ability. The basketball program is heading right where the football program is right now. After the Sugar Bowl the Illini took a nosedive and are now just starting to recover with the recruiting efforts of Ron Zook.

The writing is on the wall and it's time for a change in Champaign. Hopefully soon enough so we don't have to see the basketball program go down the toilet!!!

I think weber does a great job in recruiting blue chip talent for us, guys that will help our team.....

Indiana Basketball...say it with me...Er-ic-Gor-Don...clap clap clap clap clap

I am glad that Rockford native, Ernie Kent has been successful in the Mid-West. This harkens back to the 70's when Mike Clark, Joe Moreck, Fred Cofield, Ernie Kent and others blazed a trail to venerable Mac Court. Once the new arena is built, the new crop of players will elevate interest to new levels and help sustain this program.

Maybe Bruce Weber needs to start targeting out of state prospects.


Could it be that the Illni Coaching Staff is indecisive about their recruiting game plan, thereby giving mixed signals to the in-state recruits, and ultimately costing the Illini some of the best recruits in the nation?

It has been widely rumored that the Illini will not PAY HOMAGE to Tai (ONE WAY) STREETS, thereby costing us any one who plays for him. Is this the reason why we cannot seem to make a dent into the Meanstreets roster? Could some one do an old fashioned (Pam Zekman, Walter Jacobson) investigation on this AAU phenomenon---in general and Tai Streets in particular? You know, some good old fashion dirt digging into the financials, the politics, the History, and the personalities? I think we would all be totally shocked.!!!!! But, on second thought..... Probably not!!!!

Maybe they need some old fashioned Sonny Cox "talking power."

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