By Michael O'Brien

Farragut coach Wolf Nelson: "I may not agree with his decision but I respect it."

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The Sun-Times' Clyde Travis gets Nelson's views on Dunigan's commitment...

"I spoke with Mike and his mother and they feel that school is a good fit," Nelson said. "This is the earliest that one of my players has committed. I may not agree with his decision but I respect it. I've only talked to that man (Oregon coach Ernie Kent) once. Mike had a lot offers from top notch schools like Florida, Connecticut, Kentucky, Georgetown, Florida State and Illinois."

According to Nelson, if Dunigan had decided to play in the Big 10, Illinois would have been his choice.

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Coach Nelson is doing his players a disservice if he is not recognizing that there are top notch programs out west also for them to consider. Look at the last ten years - overall records, NCAA tournament appearances, tournament performance. I think Oregon along with UCLA, Arizona, Gonzaga, and others, have shown a consistent level of talent and play to justify any player in the nation putting them high on their list of choices. In the last six years, Oregon has won the league or tournament 3 times, made the NCAA 5 times, Elite Eight twice, had 3 players in the 10 ten of the NBA draft(and a fourth player drafted 24th), and they took Florida to the final minute in the NCAA regional final this year.

Look what Aaron Brooks did at Oregon last year.

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