By Michael O'Brien

A rough night at the Peach Jam

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Meanstreets and the Illinois Warriors both lost, but Roy and Harv Schmidt may have found a sleeper in the senior class...

The story of the night was the Illinois teams taking it on the chin. But we may have seen the two best players at the event:

Team Texas 65, Meanstreets 42:
Willie Warren from Team Texas scored 44 points against Meanstreets. Meanstreets had no one who could guard him. Matt Humphrey, Kaleb Wright and Kevin Dillard all tried. Dillard didn’t play all that bad, but he was giving up 6 inches to Warren. The only bright spots for Meanstreets were Dillard and Michael Dunigan. Dillard turned an ankle midway throught the first half which slowed him down a little but he continued to play. Dunigan played with a mean streak tonight, which was really nice to see. He was running the floor and looked intense. Eveyone else was pretty much a non-factor. Northwestern coach Bill Carmody was on hand (the Wildcats are still in on Dunigan). Kentucky coach Billy Gillespie was there and Weber, Painter and Brey were all back. An Oregon assistant was on hand. Marquette was there watching Josh Crittle.

Louisiana select 56, Illinois Warriors 44:
Greg Monroe had 19 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists for Louisisana. He was pretty dominant. Bryan Hall played pretty well tonight and a sleeper played well, Derrick Pulliem of Shepard. He’s a 6-4 senior, a good midrange player with a nose for the ball. Dennis Gates at Northern Illinois was impressed. Stan Simpson shows flashes from time to time but he’s taking too many plays off right now.

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Any idea where Oregon head coach Ernie Kent has been? I know he's involved in USA Basketball, so i'm guessing he's with them??

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