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The transfers continue: Steve Walker to Simeon

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Simeon coach Robert Smith has confirmed that Walker, who left the Thornwood team at mid-season, will play for the Wolverines next year...

Walker, who has been listed anywhere from 6-2 to 6-6, played with Simeon at the University of Illinois on Sunday. Walker, a rising junior, is strong and athletic, but he's probably closer to 6-3 than 6-6.

Despite the loss of Derrick Rose, Tim Flowers, Kevin Johnson and Bryant Orange, the defending Class AA state champions will be loaded next season.

The Wolverines have plenty of talent with Keyon Smith, Brandon Orange, Josh Anderson and Rob Robinson.

There are rumors of another high-profile transfer headed to Simeon soon. Stay tuned...

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It took me all afternoon but I finally remembered why I knew this kid's name. As a freshman, he was the sixth man on the 2006 Thunderbirds team that beat Washington in 5 OTs and HmwdFlsmr in 3 OTs to advance to Peoria.

I think you might be underestimating him and his height. I remember him being pretty big and athletic and having a Tim Flowers/Nate Minnoy kind of build.

IHSA says he averaged just over 4 pts and just under 4 rbs in 21 games freshman year (2006).

Remember, he'll only be a junior this next season...

Good luck to Steve Walker! But he needs to get in the classroom and get his grades up because he was inactive last year because he failed all his classes. But he is a good kid that needs to get away from aau coaches telling how good he is and just learn the game. To bad he did not take advantage of having the best coach in the state Bob Curran and actually learn how to play. He was compared to 7 foot Curry when he is only 6 3 at most. That is what is so bad with people today they over hype these 14, 15 ,16 year old kids in believing they are better than they are. There is only one Derrick Rose every twenty years. Take care Joe Anthony

This transfer thing is crazy.

A few years ago the coaches boycotted playing against Sonny Cox at King because they said too many transfers went there.

Now it is open season for everyone. Sonny was just ahead of his time.

Did you really think that Simeon was going to let Whitney Young load up and not respond. There are kids every year who prove that they will travel to play the best basketball possible. They show it by traveling across town to play AAU. Then they transfer to the school that has a slot for their skill set. It is big time basketball people. Get used to it. This kid sounds like an enforcer. Flowers has two rings and so does Minnoy...

The IHSA took away Minnoy's championship ring after coach London ran off at the mouth about recruiting players.

I can't understand this transfer! Good luck with that.

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