By Michael O'Brien

Stan Simpson puts on a show, but Hales knocks off Simeon at Moody

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The Spartans beat the Wolverines 47-42 behind standouts Matt Humphrey, DJ Cooper and Brandon Spearman...

Simpson finished with 10 points, all on dunks, in his first game with the Wolverines. Point guard Keyon Smith added nine points, but it wasn't enough thanks to Humphrey's late-game heroics.

Humphrey, who scored eight points, had two crucial steals in the final minute that sealed the win.

"We are one of the best teams in the state," Humphrey said. "When Josh is here we are even better."

Cooper sprained his ankle with five minutes to play and did not return. But he was clearly the best player on the floor. He had 10 points, seven assists and four steals. The rising junior point guard hasn't made much of an impact on the national recruiting scene yet, but that will change.

Spearman, a rising sophomore reminiscent of Jerel McNeal, stepped up in Cooper's absence. He scored six of his eight points in the last four minutes.

Hales was without big man Josh Crittle (visiting family in Atlanta).

Humphrey hinted that his college decision may come sooner then August, which was the timeline he mentioned last week.

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Who does DJ Cooper remind you of as a player? He's small, not exceedingly fast (read: Dee Brown or Sherron Collins), but yet lead his team in scoring? I've seen him a few times, but appreciate your thoughts--

O'Brien responds: Nate, I think Cooper is a hard one to compare. He's undersized, so that automatically brings to mind Maurice Acker. But Cooper has long arms and looks like he could easily grow a few inches and put on some muscle. I'm not sure who I'd compare him with yet. I'm still undecided about his upside. He's a Division I player for sure. He could easily become a high-major player, it's just too early to tell. I'm just so impressed by the way he plays. You rarely see a sophomore point guard so seasoned and deadly, both passing and scoring. It's a shame more schools aren't on him already. You would think they had learned about undersized Chicago guards. Just off the top of my head there is Dee, Stefhon Hannah, Maurice Acker, Royce Parran and Charles Richardson. They all had or are having great college careers.


Thanks for your quick response and very interesting thoughts.

Keep up the good work-

Good Morning Chicago:

Hales Franciscan is locked in and loaded with. Be prepared for an amazing season on the South Side. You just got a good look at the people's champ. Hales has a good chance of beating Oak Hill in December and a great chance at winning State, but they won't play Young or Simeon. They will be the best team, but they will not play against the next best because they are a small school. With all these classes will we be lucky enough to get a tournament of champions? GO SPARTANS!!!

O'Brien responds: Actually Seon, Hales and Young are scheduled to play each other, very early in the season.

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