By Michael O'Brien

Liggins is transferring to Brewster Academy

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The best player in the city is leaving the Public League...

"It's time for me to redefine myself and focus on my academics," Liggins. "It's best to do that at a place like Brewster."

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prep-school = SAT test-prepping factory

not sure Mr. Liggins will be getting much of an education beyond 7 months of Princeton Review test prep work.

It is sad to see a great prospect leave the city, but i seems like he is making the best decision. There is a considerable amount of pressure and media obligations that comes with the top spot. If this kid has academic issues then he should leave. We have to find a new Mr. Basketball.

for whoever made the comment that Liggins is just going to get 7 months of SAT Preperation might want to actually find their facts out first. Yes, a lot of Prep Schools are not legitimate academic institutions. In this case you are quite mistaken as Brewster Academy has been established for over 80 years, and is well regarded as one of the better academic schools in NH. This is not a fly by night Prep School, so maybe before opening someone's mouth they should actually check facts rather than comign off as someone who probably didn't even finish HS themselves...

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