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It's official: Marcus Jordan will transfer to Young

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According to Young coach Tyrone Slaughter, Jordan has enrolled...


A Jordan will be playing basketball on the near west side once again.

According to Young coach Tyrone Slaughter, Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s youngest son, will transfer from Loyola to Young for his junior year.

“We’ve spoken with [Juanita Jordan] about the transfer and he’s done the official paperwork to be enrolled,” Slaughter said. “We look forward to having him here as a student first of all, and hopefully as a basketball player too.”

Young is already loaded with talent. A.J. Rompza, Chris Colvin, Ahmad Starks and Anthony Johnson are all considered Division I prospects.

The Dolphins have a national schedule on tap next season, with games in Kentucky, New Jersey and Michigan.
“It’s a positive for the Public League,” Slaugher said. “And I think it’s a positive for Marcus too. He can showcase his skills in a bigger environment and have a chance to grow outside the shadow of his older brother.”

Jordan, a 6-2 guard, is the top-ranked player in the area’s class of 2009. With him on board, Young becomes the early contender for preseason number one honors.

"Young has as much depth and talent as anyone," said Roy Schmidt of Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye Report. "The only question is how they will mesh together."

Slaughter also provided a recruiting update on some of his other players.

Super-hot rising sophomore Anthony Johnson is being pursued by UCLA, Marquette, Purdue and Illinois. Rising junior Chris Colvin has added Xavier to his list, which should grow quite a bit as the Dolphins travel the country next season. Colvin was very impressive against Marshall in the playoffs last season.

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I wonder how the taxpayers of the City of Chicago feel about a Highland Park resident taking a coveted spot at the academically prestigious Whitney Young high school ? Thousands of kids born and bred in the City of Chicago are rejected for admission every year, yet based on his basketball skills, young Mr. Jordan is allowed to swoop in to a school many parents would give an eye-tooth for.

O'Brien responds: From what I've been told, the Jordans own at least one residence in Chicago, so they have as much right to go to Chicago Public Schools as any other city resident.

Out of curiosity, does the fact that Illinois signed Jeffrey Jordan make them a major player in the battle to recruit Marcus Jordan?

O'Brien responds: Jojo, I'd imagine they would be a major player even without Jeff. For all the criticisim heaped on Weber, the Illini are major players with just about every top tear player, even if they don't land them.

Hey johnc,
Where were you during the 80's and 90's? Thousands of out of town fans came to the Stadium. Media from all over the world spent money and stayed in hotels during the months of May/June. The Jordans have contributed far more to the city of Chicago in tax dollars and international prestige than Marcus can ever consume by going to Whitney Young. I wish Marcus an enjoyable high school career, and hope that you give up the sour grapes.

O'Brien responds: Good point. I'm sure Marcus will bring plenty of revenue into Young and the CPS as well.

dont hate leave the Jordan along

As a graduate of Whitney Young, I don't see that he took an admissions test I like I did to get accepted. He sumbitted paperwork. I had my grades checked, and took the test. Maybe I should have played basketball instead of studying???

O'Brien responds: Calvin, from what I understand, both Marcus and Jeff took the Young admissions test when they were in eighth grade. I can't say it's a fact, but it's what I heard back when they were deciding on a high school.

Marcus is a talented individual. I had the opportunity to see him play last year and if Young is the school in which he is interested in, then by all means let him play there. Not taking anything away from Loyola, Young is an academic powerhouse also. So much emphasis is put on sports but education is really what is precedent. I know that there shouldn't be a problem with the "NEW" guy coming in this year, hey just look at his last name,wouldn't you wanna see the cloth that he's cut from, I would. I'm out - KO

I think it's pretty cool that a kid that could afford the most elite school in the country is going to a CPS high school and that a magnet school should be the number one basketball team in the city next year. All Chicago residents should be happy about this and send some props to the Jordans for their choice.

Forget the BS let the kid go where he please


I ain't "hatin". I have my Whitney Young diploma and that, along with college degrees have put me in a position to be financially blessed to the extent that my kids do not have to attend a Chicago Public School and deal with their favoritism in admissions to the magnet schools. Given the choice, which we had, we chose private schools.

All of you Jordan apologists tell your story about nothing stinking about this situation to the born and bred Chicago family, struggling to get by, that does not have any other option but a Chicago Public High school, have their kid do well enough on the exam to be admitted to a school like Whitney Young or Payton or North Side, but be told that there is no "room at the inn" for their kid so they have to go to Phillips or DuSable or some other black-board jungle type school. Yet they read the paper and see that His Airness can just decide to take a spot for his kid because of fame and basketball ability.

Some of you same hypocrites piss and moan when your kid, nephew, niece, etc. cannot get into the University of Illinois or Notre Dame with 30 ACT scores and 3.5 GPA but star athletes get a pass right into the school with only the minimum NCAA required GPA.

It seems like Whitney Young is like a college in not only academics but also in its admissions policy.

Johnc, why all the bitterness? How do you know what the Jordan's did or did not do to get their child in the school? I'm sure you are old enough by now to know that life is not always fair, and those who have more, tend to get more, thats just a fact of life.

Unless you know that strings were pulled, that Jordan did not take the admission exam, that the Jordan's do not own property in Chicago, or that some kid was refused admission so that Jordan can come and play basketball, please do not say so.

Somewhere, deep in your soul, you are jealous of Michael Jordan and the things you perceive that he can do for his children, which it seems, you are not able to do for your own. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

A born and bred Chicagoan.

Not hating, just statin'.

Could hardly be jealous of a man that fathered one child out of wedlock and dragged his family through shame and ridicule because of gambling and fornication. It is the least I would guess he could do for his son to pull strings to get him into Whitney.

If having a choice of being in a position to pull strings but be a philanderer and compulsive gambler, I will gladly settle for the life I have made for myself and my family with no regrets, not looking over my shoulder for the next paternity suit or the next tell all book that would further drag the family name through the mud.

... and now, back to ball.

Young was absolutely loaded with guards this past season and they were all underclassmen. They didn't have much size however and their big man McCombs was a senior.

I remember that they had a big soph (Brown, maybe?) who looked like he might be able to play inside, but not much else in the way of underclassmen with size.

So will Jordan play a wing/small forward role for the Dolphins? Was that his role at Loyola?

consider all jordan has done for the city of chicago.
we are blessed to have had him play for us.
this is america -- marcus has his right to pursue his happiness.
gd bless us all.

"I have my Whitney Young diploma and that, along with college degrees have put me in a position to be financially blessed to the extent that my kids do not have to attend a Chicago Public School and deal with their favoritism in admissions to the magnet schools."


Chitown A:

I did not know that Jordan gave of his services for free, unless the part about him getting a $30MM contract with the Bulls was just a rumor.

These transfers for Basketball purposes are getting crazy. If it were just for academics, I would see him at the school his parents made a $1MM donation to, Hales Fransican, a very good basketball and academic school.

As a Spartan alumnus, I would have loved to see Marcus play at Hales. Unfortunately, for us and Jon C, Loyola Academy is offers academics and athletics that are hard to match. Remember that it was Loyola, not Whitney Young that was top 5 all last year. Loyola is right up there if not better than Whitney Young academically. Do the research, they have deep pockets and great instructors. The boy has roots in the city and teammates from his AAU team are at Young. He's going... end of story.

Marcus Jordan should go to Herscher High School.

Marcus Jordan should go to Herscher.

marcus may be a good student but this year a 2 freshmen from Viroqua high school will be the espn's favorite there names are Demaz McClain and Ben Brooke Demaz is my best offensive player scoringing 2ppg 4rpg 2spg 1blk
ben brooke is the most outstanging player in the history of the vhs high school holding our school record for blocks in a single game with 11 averaging 16ppg 11rpg 2spg 4blk....I was hoping that some of you could contact's some scout's for some of my student's all I'm looking in them is to take out varsity team to state and go to collage so plase contact us at 608-689-2909 or go to our school website

Marcus might turn out to be just like his father but he will never put up number and do some of the thing's Michael Jordon has ever done but it seems I've made a mistake from the last time I left you guy's a comment about my to superstars Demaz McClain and Ben Brook. Demaz is currentlly averaging 24 points per game alonge with 10 rebounds 3 steals and 3 blocks. He is a really talented student as well averaging a B- in all on his classes and is class President. As for Ben Brooke He is averaging 18 points per game along with 13 rebounds 1 steal and 5 blocks, He also has outstanding grades getting an B- As well in all of his classes. Demaz is 5'10 145 pounds our main problem with him is we could use a little more weight and to work harder his exercise training. Ben is 6'2 160 pounds as for him work really need to work on our ball handling. as of now we only have to freshmen on our varsity high school basketball team Demaz and Ben, they also play games with our 9th grade team as well. Our 9th grade depth chart is

Center:Ben Brook #21
Power Forward:David King #19
Shooting Guard:Ross Hubert #24
Small Forward:Demaz McClain #5
Point Guard:David Lund #13
our bench players are Jared Henden SG, Gabe Chotzen PG and Max Mcgeorge PG.
Our biggest problem on our team is our 6th man Gabe Chotzen He's just a talented kid who just decides to go down the wrong path,I mean Demaz and Ben practically have a Wisconsin state title right in our hands and messes it up for all of us if his grade's contiue to drop he's gonna drop an dI would hate to do that to the kid cause we really do need him because nobody else as good as him will try out for basketball.
Andhope that some day that my players will be lucky enough to play against your marcus someday in the NBA


to the person who said " I ain't hatin" Sounds like it. He is jordan, and he plays good ball, and he good grades. He deserves to any school in the nation. FYI juanita just brought he nice townhouse in the city like 6 MIL nice. The school would benefit a lot more with him then without him. I hope he has a great 2 years.

I can't understand why a person complains about Micheal Jordan's son going to Young when Loyola Academy is one of the top schools in the state it would be different if the kid was transfering from Harlan or Corliss or some school of the sort, but we'er talking about a top school transfer into another comparible school. I'm sorry you could'nt shoot a basketball or run a football and maybe you did but you boast of how educated you are why not just direct your energy toward some good give the guy some support thats what we are suppose to do right? and his name is Marcus not Micheal Jordans's son

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