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Four new schools in the mix for Oak Park star Iman Shumpert

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An Ill. Hoops exclusive reveals that UCLA, Kansas, North Carolina and Florida are involved...

NCAA West Kansas Basketball

Kansas coach Bill Self is in the picture for Shumpert.

Scott Powers spoke with Shumpert last night...

"I talked to coach Self. Coach Self can recruit. It was like a 10-minute conversation, and he wants to make you hear more. He's got a way of persuading people. But I told him it's like a loyalty thing. If I wanted to hear more about Kansas, I would give him a call. He didn't pressure me into letting Kansas in."

Shumpert is leaving today for visits to Clemson and Georgia Tech.
Ill. Hoops summer-preview issue will be released on Monday and will feature a cover story on Shumpert. The issue is free. Check it out at

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To what degree are the involved? That's the key. If Donovan and Roy make Shumpert their obvious focus, that's one thing. Until that becomes clear, this really isn't meaningfull news.

Carry on, not really any meat to this "teaser".

Here's the key quote:

"But I told him it's like a loyalty thing. If I wanted to hear more about Kansas, I would give him a call. He didn't pressure me into letting Kansas in."

Somebody explain to me how this means KU is "in" with Shumpert. The way I'm reading this, Shumpert is saying "it's nice to talk with such a charming dude, but - as they say - 'don't call me, I'll call you'". Sounds like he's a young man who isn't buying Self's snake oil.

Shumpert has always been about loyalty and has said before that he'll have little time for the "Johnny Come Latelys" and would show more love to those who were there BEFORE he blew up.

Shumpert is a great talent. He is hopefully realizing that although he gets less press because he is not a Chicagoan, he steals the attention of the basketball world. The kid is D. Wade-ish and can play with all of the schools mentioned. I hope that he and his family don't talk or think himself into Marquette when he could be in Chapel Hill. My advice would be; "Be humble and excited that people want you at all. Find out one thing that you want in a school and choose for that reason."

Snake oil salesman? ROFL. You must be one of those pathetic Illinois fans still crying over the hot girl that dumped you. If he was such a 'snake oil salesman', why do our former players like Dee, James and Deron talk to him every week or two and only talk to Bruce at Illini events? Maybe (I'm just guessing here) they respect him more?

Dee: What, do you have their phones tapped? How do you know who they call and when? And who was that at the Jazz playoff game? Self? Oh, no, that was Weber. Listen, you got yourself a great recruiter, no doubt. Now a coach, well you know that you still have doubts about that yourself (Bucknell, Bradley . . .)

GeorgiaIllini -- It's a matter of public record that Dee and Deron both told Julian Wright to go to Kansas instead of UI. Dee has also publicly said that he is considering being assistant coach for Self when his playing days are over. Self is ten times the coach Weber will ever be & Kansas is a first class program unlike the cesspool at Illinois. Any new felonies there lately?

Rock-thanks for setting the record straight.

Ok, lets not get nuts here. Self hasn't produced anymore national championship games than Webber and that's with having the mystic of Kansas on his side while recruiting. I think at this point Webber's record with lesser talent points to a slight superiority in coaching talent at this phase. Only time will tell. Recruiting-wise Self gets the nod.

KU program trending up, Illini program rocketing downwards.

We will all be laughing when the more talented jayhawks lose early in the NCAA's. I guess it will be because of their great coach...haha. I can't wait until March to lmao.

Recruiting? Look at what Weber did at SIU. Just think---SIU is still using players that Weber recruited, and they ended-up doing pretty well at the last tournament (as opposed to the mighty Jayhawks). How did Weber do with Self recruits at tourney time? Was it the recruits or the coaching? I am not an SIU grad, but maybe we should ask Coach Painter.

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