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Congratulations to Julian Wright, the 13th pick in the NBA draft

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Ju-Ju is a New Orleans Hornet...

I got a bit sentimental watching Homewood-Flossmoor grad Julian Wright walking across the stage and shaking hands with NBA commissioner David Stern tonight.

I watched Julian's second high school game, his last high school game and a whole slew of them in between. He was always a class act and it's a pleasure to see him succeed.

Too bad Stuart Scott had to dredge up some ancient recruiting crap in his post-pick interview. Can you believe he's still getting asked about why he didn't choose Illinois?

Somewhere, Derrick Rose was watching and wondering if he will get the same question next year.

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i'm very happy for julian wright because it shows us other black african american guys that you can make it and it just goes to never give up on your dreams do yo thang julian

I'm a hard-core KU fan, and will also root for anyone that comes from the Chicago area. That being said, Julian Wright is not ready for the NBA. Good for him for getting drafted and taking a big paycheck. I'd do the same. He's got a lot of potential, but needs at least one more year to go from being a great prospect to someone who can contribute right away.

Wright being asked why he didn't go to Illinois makes one ask why don't Chicago kids go to Illinois? Many choose Bill Self @ KU and Billy Gillispie @ KY, but no one did while they coached at Illinois.

If the issue is "tradition", then why does Calipari @ Memphis get top Chicago kids when it doesn't have a tradition?

When at Illinois, I read about Chicago HS's blacklisting Illinois. With so few Chicago blue-chippers going to Illinois, it makes one wonder.

If Wright and other Chicago blue-chippers tell Bruce Weber why they chose other schools, it could help Illinois recruiting. Such questions are fine.

If more had gone to Illinois, Illini fans wouldn't be frustrated...and Wright wouldn't have been asked the question. Such questions are better left unsaid.

Hopefully Wright can develop his offensive game and maximize his abilities. All in all, best wishes of a great NBA career.

O'Brien responds: Thanks for the comment Bill. There isn't any justifiable reason to ask Wright that question. Don't you think Indiana fans were upset the Oden and Conley went to OSU? Why didn't Stuart Scott ask them about it? Why didn't Joakim Noah go to St. John's?

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