By Michael O'Brien

Is Oak Park guard Iman Shumpert really the #15 player in the country?

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He is according to's Dave Telep, but two local recruiting analysts disagree...


I'll be the first to admit that I was shocked on Thursday afternoon when I first saw Scout's list. Shumpert, the Huskies' 6-4 combo guard, had catapulted into the national elite. He's now listed as the #15 player in the country, a five-star prospect. Just a week ago he didn't rank in the top 100 and was considered a three-star player.

Roy and Harv Schmidt of Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye Report disagree with Scout:

"Shumpert is a top 50-100 player in the country. This national class has not panned out yet, but we do not think that makes Shumpert a Top 15 kid yet. He has improved immensely and we love his game. Terrific length and versatility. He could be the #2 prospect in Illinois' Class of 2008, behind Liggins. But he is NOT a top 15 player."

So, how did he get the lofty ranking?

"These national people who rank kids solely based upon how they play at national exposure events they attend are insane. They totally ignore the rest of the year. Scout and Rivals people change their rankings strictly to match the lists of schools recruiting the kid."

The Schmidt's don't think Shumpert's higher profile will hurt Illinois' chances.

"It is all about getting in early and staying in there, which Illinois is doing. To suggest that any school is hurt by "big timers" getting in on a kid is to suggest that the school is not big time. We don't believe anyone can say that about Illinois, a perennial NCAA tourney team from the Big Ten. So no, the higher ranking and recruiting list does not hurt Illinois' chances one bit in our opinion."

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Any chance Shumpert will end up at Northwestern? We just landed John Shurna who outplayed Brett Thompson last weekend. It would be a coup if Shumpert came over in a package deal with Dunigan to lead NU from nothing to hoops glory. We've already got the promising All-Big 10 frosh in Kevin Coble. Mike Thompson and Mike Cappocci are coming in this fall.

But, we need some top 50 players. Shumpert and Dunigan could be the chosen ones to lead us to the promised land.

Chicagoland and the nation would go ga ga over NU hoops like they did over the NU football team in 1995 and Shumpert could become a legend, like Pat Fitzgerald. What happens if Shumpert wins at an Illinois? Nothing. He is just one in a long list of studs that have worn the blue and orange and will do nothing new that the Illini haven't already done. If he wins at NU, he'll be on Wheaties Boxes, Jay Leno just like Pat Fitzgerald.

O'Brien responds: From what I understand Northwestern was in on Shumpert fairly early and stand pretty well with him. Tavares Hardy is doing a terrific job on the recruiting circuit. I saw him all over the area recruiting last season.

I talked to Iman today and he said NU is still in the picture, but after talking for awile with him i see NU as having about a 5% chance of snagging this cant-miss prospect

Do you think that Bruce Weber's plan for "success" is going to work for Illinois

What do you think Marquette's chances of landing Shumpert are? Obviously, MU has had a lot of guard success over the years and Marquette seems to be high on Iman's list. Thoughts?

iman shumpert is coming to atlanta and playing for a great school in georgia tech and a great football, basketball and baseball program. goooooooo jackets!

he's a yellow jacket baby, gt always pulls in the top guards in the country

he has a great, understanding personality that will carry him far in life...i know because i just finished talking to him! :)

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