By Michael O'Brien

The Kansas State recruiting class is staying put

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It appears new coach Frank Martin has kept the #1 recruiting class in the country, including Proviso East guard Jacob Pullen, together...

According to Jerome Pullen, Jacob's father, Michael Beasley, Dominique Sutton and Fred Brown will all honor their commitments to Kansas State despite the departure of coach Bob Huggins to West Virginia. Bill Walker is also expected to stay.

"All the kids got together and talked about staying together," Jerome Pullen said. "We're really comfortable with [Martin]. He was part of the old regime so we got to know him pretty well over the summer."

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That is excellent! Players should continue to honor there commitments, stay togther and set positive examples. The Florida 4 did and look what happen!

It's about the school, not the coach. "Student-athletes" sign a letter of intent (i.e., a contract) with the University. They do not sign a personal services contract with the coach. If the coach leaves, tough. That's life and you better get used to it.

I think this is great news for K-State fans. They still have some pretty good players and when Bob Huggins arrived Wildcat basketball was something to look forward to again. So what if the coach leaves athletes should go to a college because they want to not just because of a coach.

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