By Michael O'Brien

Former Sun-Times Player of the Year DeAndre Thomas commits to Indiana

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Thomas, who won a city title at Westinghouse, will sign with the Hoosiers in April. He will join former Westinghouse teammate Jamarcus Ellis, Crane's Brandon McGee and Indianapolis North Central phenom Eric Gordon at Indiana next season.

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What is the source of this information? Is he walking on? We don't have a scholarship to offer him, and it is against Big 10 rules to offer a scholarship to a player if you don't have one available. D.J. White is coming back next year. He wanted to sign/verbal in november, but we didn't have a scholly to offer, and as of right now we still dont.

O'Brien responds: Danny, Taylor Bell talked with the Chipola coach Greg Heiar. He's the source.

I hate Indiana.

Rich hates Indiana. Wow. Now that's newsworthy. Can't wait to hear more about Rich's likes and dislikes.

Funny that during the Knight years, IU would not lower itself to JUCOs or Chicago Public League players.

Now with uscruples-less Sampson at the helm, it is open season with CPL, AAU street agents, hustlers, etc.

Anything for a victory I guess.

O'Brien responds: Trey, Knight did recruit Michael Hermon from King.

Wrong! Keith Smart was a JUCO transfer.

I also HATE indiana. always have. I did some research and if turns out the term Hoosier actually stems from an old derogatory term for a hillbilly or redneck. lol it's so fitting.

Actual Definition from Online Dictionary "a big, burly, uncouth specimen or individual; a frontiersman, countryman, rustic,"

Actually, while Knight initially was a bit sanctimonious about JC players, he eventually had several successful JC transfers like Dean Garrett, Keith Smart (the shot), Lynn Washington and several others. If Sampson's JC recruits compare, the IU fans will be quite happy. Certainly, Earl Calloway (Davis recruit)was a nice bonus this past season, and Mike White and Stemler played valuable minutes this year. I don't see anything unscrupulous about recruiting JC or city players. From what I can see his players seem to handle themselves well on and off the court.


IU didnt steal Gordon, he's a kid who changed his mind

grow up

Illinois, what a DUI driving, Leaving the Scene of the Accident, nearly killing your own teammate kind of school. How was homecoming last year?

Gee Sean...Just wondering what Indiana's record against the Illini is the last few years? Even with Gordon IU will continue to be the Illini's bitch.

good luck on that 1st national title

Why would he want to go to Illinois. To drive Drunk after a Taquilla party during a Sunday night blizzard. drive home, wrap the car around a tree, injur your teammate, drive the mangled car home with him near death, delay calling the police, and risk his life.

Why would anyone want to send their kid to Champaign.

Gordon's parents changed his mind! It wasn't Sampson fault that Weber doesn't know how to close the deal!

Webber can not recruit. Sampson can. The Illini had a chance to build a dynasty but that seems more like 10 years ago than just 2.

Five banners. No other information necessary. FIVE.

did sampson get any penaltys from his time in oklahoma?this program will be on probation with sampson and his assistants making illegal phone calls to recruits,and yes once a player commits to a school he should be off limits doesnt mean keep calling his cell phone and text him all day along.

Indiana without Night is nothing.

Are all Ilini fans so ignorant, or is it just the ones who post here?

"lower itself to recruit Public League Players?" someone is painting with a broad brush. Do you mean recruit players that dont look like tom coverdale? at leaset attempt to hide your bigotry.
By the way, Bloomington + Champaign are the two worst campuses in the Big Ten. They make East Lansing and Minneapolis look like gems.

How many times can you have a convo with an IU fan without him bringing up the natl. championships. How about instead we look at the past seasons, for example this one! Even on an "off" year for the Illini they still beat Indiana 2 out of 3 and should had been 3/3 if it wasnt for a collapse on the fake assembly hall

As far as the EJ recruitment goes, they called KS first to make initial contact. From there, KS was offered a chance to come to OPEN gym at NC and he did. BW was meeting with EJ and D. Mitchell when KS peeked his head in and said HI, imagine how BW felt then. I can tell you too, that Duke has reps at NCs open gym and they werent even invited. So cry all you want but its just the case that and Indiana kid wanted to go to IU.

Another thing, KS recruited EJ BIG TIME while at OU, EJ wanted to play for KS but not in Oklahoma. It was too far away from his family and friends, so dont think that EJ didnt know KS before he came to IU. That is FALSE, he changed his mind and that is just the way it it.

As for IU being nothing without Knight, well all you UI fans think your HIGHLIGHT year was reaching the Final game, Mike Davis made it to the final game and he isnt even coaching IU anymore. That is the difference between IU and UI, your biggest accomplishment is nothing in our eyes. IU will win the BT this year or MSU possibly but I dont think they have the HORSE down low to go along with thier perimeter game that should be excellent.........

So grow up and suck it up, EJ is a HOOSIER and since we are so irrelevent why are we the topic of YOUR DISCUSSION..........think about that one for awhile.........


Wow are some people ignorant in this thread.

First of all, to say that Bloomington is "one of the worst campuses"...either you haven't been there or you are completely confused, IU is considered one of the nicest campuses not only in the BigTen but anywhere. Great atheltics atmosphere, great college town, and an overall beautiful place. Nothing against East Lansing, thats also a great place.

And who says that its unscrupulous to recruit JuCo or CPL players? Thats absolutely absurd. I don't even know how to respond to that because it doesn't even make sense-they are basketball players just like everyone else, it's not like Sampson has special access to them no one else has.

Illini players with only one DUI hardly get a slap on the wrist, it takes multiple offenses before anything of consequence actually happens. If I were the NCAA disciplinay committee I would be awfully interested in keeping on eye on the off the court behavior of U of I players. They seem to be above the law over in Champaign.

Bottom line: quit whining, Eric Gordon wanted to go to IU since he learned to dribble, and after Mike Davis (who had the program on a road to nowhere) was shown the door, Gordon contacted Sampson, not the other way around. "It was a UNIQUE SITUATION and I hope it does not happen again."

Also, U of I keeps saying how they have been so much better than IU in recent years because they've gone to the championship game and stuff, IU was there just a couple years prior, so that argument really has no validity. MSU has been the dominant team in the BigTen over the past decade.

I've come to the conclusion that a large fraction (but not all) of Illini Fans have taken on the personality of their head coach, which-like Weber-is that of a whiney little baby.

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