By Michael O'Brien

Who said Derrick Rose can't shoot?

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Pooh connects on four three-pointers in the first quarter, Simeon leads St. Joseph 36-30 at the half...

Simeon jumped out to a 16-4 lead but the Chargers tightened things up in the second quarter.

Lafayette Gray's three-pointer at the buzzer brought St. Joseph within six points.

The Wolverines are dominating the boards 20-7.

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That is so funny! When I was in the stands at the Simeon St. Joe Game, A man sitting next to me saw my Simeon hat with what I call the Wilson and Rose Number (25), in honor of the State Champion stars Ben Wilson and Derrick Rose. He asked me had I senn Evan Turner Play and I said no. He then went on to tell me that he was the best player in the state. I then asked, have you seen Derrick Rose play. He said no, but I heard that he does not have a jump shot and that his game is one dimensinal. After Traveling to New York and making all but three games this season, all I could say to him was, "you are going to think differently after this game. After Rose opened the game with four three pointers the man was dumb-founded. Needless to say, he's singing a different song. By the way, shouts out to B O (Bryant Orange) and K J (Kevin Johnson) AKA Shawn Kemp. Thanks Tim, you are getting a liitle better at not bouncing that darn ball under the basket. Keep it up and try even harder. It definitely makes a differnce. Much Love to the entire team. Just in case you guys were wondering, you are a better team than the 84 squad. I hate to admit it, but it's true. And that's because you all have more than two players with very good jump shots, and you guys are very good free throw shooters. Only Ben Wilson and Bobby Tribble had the all around game. Thanks for a great season. Loyola Just Lost to New Trier. Shouts out to Tim Bankston (84) for a great season @ TF North.

hey whats up i just wonted 2 say that i hope derrick rose make it 2 da nba he iz so fine

First Round Draft Pick (Derrick Rose)

Who ever said d. rose couldnt shoot has to be drunk.If you can let that lie come out of your mouth, go to youtube and watch his hightlights and I promise you will think twice about that comment. The boy is truely amazing and he is so exciting to watch. I think he is the best player to come out of high school this yr.

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