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War of words: Simeon's Derrick Rose vs. St. Joseph's Evan Turner

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Simeon knocks off the Chargers 74-66...

Just before the second half of the Simeon-St. Joseph game began Saturday at Northwestern’s Welsh-Ryan arena, St. Joseph forward Evan Turner turned around and told the media sitting courtside exactly what he thought of Simeon guard Derrick Rose’s ability.

It wasn’t complimentary.

Turner followed his words up with an impressive second half performance, but it wasn’t enough as the top-rated Wolverines beat the Chargers 74-66 in front of 7,689.

“I was better than [Rose],” Turner said. “With me guarding him he didn’t do much. He knows that and I know that.”

Turner scored 29 points and grabbed 11 rebounds. During one stretch of the second half, he scored 20 consecutive points for the Chargers.

But Rose was dominant throughout the game. He nailed four three pointers in the first quarter, helping Simeon jump out to a 16-4 lead. Rose finished with 29 points, seven assists and four steals.

“We both know who is better,” Rose said. “He’s just doing this to get a little bit of publicity. We’ll see who does more on the next level.”

An assist from Rose to Flowers, who had 23 points and 14 rebounds, put Simeon ahead 53-38 with 2:56 to play in the third quarter.

“I kinda started out bad missing shots and the Simeon kids got into it calling me overrated,” Turner said.

Turner scored on a layup and was fouled with 3:50 to play in the game. Before shooting the free throw,

Turner turned around and said something to Rose. An official approached Turner at the line and defused the incident.

“They called a lot of soft fouls on us when he had the ball,” Rose said. “It wasn’t like he did anything that impressive.”

Kevin Johnson had 12 points and nine rebounds for Simeon (22-2) and Bryant Orange added eight points and five rebounds.

“[Rose] was awesome,” St. Joseph coach Gene Pingatore said. “The book on him going in was the he wasn’t going to be an outside shooter. Then in the first quarter he killed us. Putting [Turner] on him helped a lot. It took away his outside shot.”

Garrett Leffelman scored 10 for the Chargers (20-4) and Demetri McCamey added nine points.

There is a possibility of a second Rose vs. Turner showdown. Simeon and St. Joseph could meet in a supersectional game.

“I don’t think it’s personal [between Rose and Turner],” Pingatore said. “It’s more respect. They both thrive on competition.”

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What a game! Simeon showed their class and Evan Turner was put in his place by the one and only Derrick Rose.

Why is their a dispute with this,'Turner'are you kidding me. Simeon has bigger fish to fry,will see st.joe's in the state playoffs if they get that far.

Garrett Leffelman!

St. Joseph will get their vindication in the Super-Sectional.

The game was very thing that a basketball fan would want to see. Two good teams, 10 players, two coaches only one thing wrong. Out of the four teams that played Saturday night ONLY ONE DID NOT HAVE A LOCKER ROOM TO CHANGE IN. It seems that the powers behind the game need to do more planning? The seating is another story for another day.

Rose is da man in Chi-town basketball, noone can mess with the boy, he's that serious. Keep it up Boyy!

Look here you stupid people. Those two teams are are talking about are both good. But i'm gon tell you rite now, St.Joes are going to put them out dis game. Cuz they are 2 overrated. My man Evan Turner, bout to put Derrick Rose on ice. "Any Takers"!

Derrick Rose is overated! I honestly think he is scared of Turner; Rose says that he will do more on the next level, but honestly hes not even that good now. Flowers is a pretty ok player but somebody has to be blind to even have Derrick Rose as ranked higher than Turner and Flowers. If anybody saw the game at UIC it was clear that Rose got taken by Turner. Turner out scored and outplayed him...Rose is just intimidated that Turner is better than him and its only a matter of time before everyone else starts to realize it. It is also important to look at both of the teams; St. Joes has more heart and skill, Simeon has a some good players but there not even in the same league as St. Joes, also why is that Turner is signed to the number one seed school and Rose signed to a number two seed (makes ya think)

All of you all are sleep on Derrick Rose, Derrick is the stuff. Stop hating on that young man. He have proven everything, Turner can't mess with him. That a nice young man who just come to play and everyone of you are hater, the boy is good you got to give it to him. Turner is good, but he need to learn to keep his mouth close. Derrick don't talk stuff he just do what he do. That why you all hating he don't let yall get to him. Keep your focus Derrick. Turner didn't stop Derrick at UIC, you know that. What was the score and who going down STATE. Even the referee was calling bs on Derrick, if you were there then you know. Simeon is the best. If not just Derrick so stop hating on him. He a team player, and all of them is GOOD.

I think that Derrick Rose is one of the best players to leave Chicago matter of fact the best player in da Chi-Town area. Derrick Rose and Turner we already know who's goin win Rose and people hatin on him but what yall need to think about Rose killin in College i Can't wait and i look forward to play Rose in college class of 2009 Dj.

really ppl stop knockin derrick rose the kid work on his weakness
(perimeter shot) and showed he can shoot he jus needs 2 b more consisent.on the turner issue rose is better cause hes more proven anytime u the number 1 country in the nation (oakhill) on national television dats impressive and hes been known to rise up to competition he head up wit o.j mayo and tyreke evans, top rank players y wud he b afraid of turner.turner good but rose is ahead the kid can score almost anytime he plays tenacious defense will get on the boards if needed and runs a team like a true floor general and proved his shot atleast has potential hes also unselfish enough 2 play wit other stars and make better eric gordon was literally beggin him 2 come to the school he went to cause he loved playin wit him rose in my opinion hes the prototype point will be a superstar and deserves all the accollades hes gotten

dont hate on derrick rose cuz he tha best to come out of 07, and dats real talk

Yo who eva that kid was that was tryna s*** on derrick rose is straight corny how u gonnna say turner locked him down when he had 29 points at the end of the game u call that lockin him down i call that buckets all day turner got his a** handed to him and they both play diferent possions so u can't compair rose to him he's a way betttter athlete and he can play just about 3 possions he's gonna killl college u think other wise holll bak 1

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