By Michael O'Brien

The Public League Tournament

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Previewing the first round...

(all games are at 4 pm Wednesday)

Collins at Simeon
Hubbard at Prosser
Kennedy at Marshall
Manley at Senn
Fenger at Von Steuben
Phillips at Hope
Robeson at Foreman
Mather at Farragut
Dyett at Curie
Bogan at Morgan Park
Payton at Young
Taft at Julian
Clemente at Lincoln Park
Vocational at Englewood
Crane at Hyde Park (Saturday afternoon on Channel 23)
Dunbar at Washington

Fenger-Von Steuben is probably the best shot of an upset. The Titans have size and talent with Quentin Williford and Illya Glover. Williford is one of the most underrated scorers in the area and Glover is a terrific rebounder, one of those players who has a nose for the ball.

Watch out for Bogan-Morgan Park as well. The Mustangs are a very good team, but Bogan is talented. A big game from Richie Walker could lead to an upset.

Robeson-Foreman should be another close one. Robeson has had a very solid year, and Foreman is young and inconsistent.

Are there any other upset picks we should watch for?

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Several questions/comments:

Are these the tourney seeds?: 1.Simeon / 2.Washington / 3.Young / 4.Farragut / 5.VonSteuben / 6.Curie / 7. LnclnPk / 8. Marshall

Not looking for upsets so much as good games: Hubbard/Prosser,
Phillips/Hope, Robeson/Foreman, Bogan/MrgnPk, Vocational/Englwd.

I saw Hubbard, Foreman, MrgnPk and Englwd each play one game this year. All are solid mid-tier teams. Foreman and Englwd should be good again next year.

Crane/Hyde Park should be a good game, but I would have appreciated being able to watch either Bogan or Prosser.

Simeon seems to have been the only Public League team to play consistently well all season long. Everybody else has played some bad games.

In the upper bracket, Farragut must feel like they can't get away from Simeon and Marshall. Look for Marshall to finally put Hare/Smith/Stamps/Stovall together in one impressive starting line-up, but it's probably too late. VonSteuben, we're still waiting for Dinnuno/Horton/Lundeen to get hot on the same night and somebody (Fakuade, Fields) must step up inside against Farragut.

Inconsistent describes both Lincoln Park and Whitney Young but look out for the Dolphins in the lower bracket, they were looking pretty good at Proviso West in December. They need McCombs to play big inside against Washington's Haynes and Liggins. Regardless, they're young and will be good next year.

O'Brien responds: Great post. Boy are you right about Young. They have the talent to be ranked in the top ten. Hopefully they can put it together and make a run.

These are the seeds:

1. Simeon
2. Washington
3. Curie
4. Farragut
5. Von Steuben
6. Young
7. Lincoln park
8. Marshall
9. Senn
10. Englewood
11. Julian
12. Hope
13. Foreman
14. Morgan Park
15. Hyde Park
16. Prosser
17. Hubbbard
18. Crane
19. Bogan
20. Robeson
21. Phillips
22. Taft
23. Vocational
24. Manley
25. Kennedy
26. Clemente
27. Payton
28. Fenger
29. Mather
30. Dyett
31. Dunbar
32. Collins

do you think curie will be in the final four. they been knocking on the door for years and mike oliver is a very underrated coach in the city

Why is Marshall only seeded 8th?

O'Brien responds: Because Farragut won the Red-West.

wat do you think hope chances are

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