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Evan Turner apologizes

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St. Joseph's star forward feels bad about the war of words with Simeon's Derrick Rose on Saturday...

Here's an exclusive excerpt from this week's issue of Ill. Hoops, which features Turner's diary:

"The next thing, I am pretty sure people are aware Derrick Rose and I had words during the game. In my opinion, it was just the heat of the moment and the competitiveness in both of us.

We were both just trying to lead our team to victory, and emotions ran high. To anyone who watched this game, just take note to the simple fact you should let your game do the talking. I feel ashamed that I let words get in the way of my game. I not only disrespected myself, but also the game of basketball. Coming out to play and getting the win can be done with class, and in that stage of time, I forgot about that and just tried to go to war, which wasn’t cool.

I don’t have any problem with Derrick Rose. He is a very talented player, and I wish him and his team the best of luck in the playoffs, so we can hopefully meet up with them again."

This week's Ill. Hoops issue also includes a cover story on North Lawndale, a profile of Hubbard's Aaron Johnson, coverage from the City-Suburban Showdown, polls, photos and more. For more info on Ill. Hoops and a subscription to the e-magazine, go to

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Evan- All I know is that you guys need to win State this year and avoid being knocked off by East again. I've been a huge Joe's fan since the early 80's since my brother led them to State semi's with Tony Freeman Sr.(something his son couldn't do losing to East after being ranked #1 most of the season). I'm on the east coast but I'm still keeping track of your squad. Good luck and handle your business against Rose when you all meet up in the Super Sectionals.

I was at the game against Simeon and even though you played a tremendous game, you guys were just outmatched. At times, it was like the men playing against the boys. I'm an alumnist of St. Joe's and unless Ping finally decides to play a zone (something he never does) against Simeon, I really don't see you guys keeping up with them on the boards. There just too athletic.
Good luck but just make sure you guys get there first.

Evan, Both you and Derrick were talking trash on the court, and that is where it should have stayed. You made it personal when you brought it off the court and into the media. On behalf of Simeon, we accept your apology. I look forward to watching you guys playing us in the supersectinals, and I look forward to the on-the-court trash talking.

Simeon Class of '84- You all had a nice squad that year with Bankston. Squad was a beast no doubt but if Joe's didn't get robbed by the referees against Evanston in the semi's they would of beat Simeon in the Championship game that year. WHo would have checked Freeman and/or Funchess? The cat from Evanston was so overrated and he was a bust at Purdue. Freeman was the truth.

Jay Blaze, thanks for the props to the 84 team. I have no doubt that Tim, Bobby, Rodney, Kenny and the rest of the guys appreciate you recognizing their talent. Since I can barely remember any other players besides Everett Stevenson on that Evanston team, I do not recall any of the teams that came in third or fourth place. Therefore I'm unable to comment on what WOULD have or COULD have happened. I only know, what happened. I guess the Refs robbed St. Joe this year too! -:)

Evan, you just showed me what kind of character you have. It says a lot when a young man like you can realize those things you said and then put them in writing. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. I am in Columbus, Ohio, and I'm a HUGE Buckeye fan. Good luck on the rest of the season, and we can't wait to see you in Scarlet and Gray!

Simeon "84- One player you might remember from West Aurura,who took 3rd that year was Kenny Battle.

Jay Blaze, you are absolutely right! I do remember Battle, but I honestly forgot that they were in the state playoffs. I can't remember, did Simeon play them in the semis? It sounds like you are a big fan, did you love that Illini team with Battle, Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, Bardo, and Marcus Liberty. Although they did not go to the title game, I think they were the best team ever assembled. That includes Michigans FAB 5 whom I also liked. In my previous e-mail I said that Simeon will see St. Joes in the Supersectional. I'll be at the game on Tuesday, will you?

We are so proud of you! You are constantly showing us the type of young man that you really are, and this apology, just demonstrates your character. I am happy to see and read you understand all aspects of this game of basketball. And I agree, keeping your composure throughout a game is important and letting your game do the talking for you, not only is that smart, it makes you an all-around winner. You are a good kid and a great player to watch. Keep up the good work, our prayers are with you. Love and God Bless.

Simeon '84- Simeon did play West Aurora in the Semi's that year.
No doubt I remember that Illini squad, they started the college baggy shorts era (not the FAB 5 as some are saying). Unfortunately I won't be at the game since I live out here on the east coast trying to keep up with IHSA basketball. Their state tourney is a little different here. OAK Hill Academy is big out here so it was nice to see Simeon handle them on National TV. WHo's idea was is it to show Loyola Acemdy on national TV representing the Chi area? That was a horrible display when Gordon got 43 right in front of MJ and his youngins'.

Dont worry about it E....Man just get to state...I thought the team with Marlon London,Treadwell,Watkins, and Robb Walls would get there...Do what you have to.

I am a Buckeye BBall fan and I know that tOSU is getting a great young man in you. You have demonstrated that you have the skill on the court and here you demonstrate that you also possess off the court skill as well.
I am glad to see that you showcased your skill yesterday by leading the North in scoring as they won the state AA All-Star game. You seem to be very comfortable in front of the camera. I can not wait to see you in action in the Big Ten as a Buckeye.

Good Luck!

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