By Michael O'Brien

Simeon takes a leap

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After its stunning upset of Oak Hill Academy on ESPN Thursday, and Red-South wins over Carver Friday and Morgan Park Monday, Simeon has jumped from No. 24 to No. 7 in the national rankings of RISE Magazine

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Simeon is whats poppin on that hoopin side and females. I hope we win the whole thing again for the Simeon Family and the class of "2007"

Simeon deserves its no.1 ranking in the Sun-Times. However, I got to be honest. The only reason they beat Oak Hill is because they got the benefit of 'home-cookin' from the referees. And thats the truth

Lake Park #1!

But, the real question is will Derrick Rose commit to University of Kentucky?

And, can they beat HILLCREST...HAWKS!

To JTH! Either you do not know basketball or you are on crack. Simeon beat Oak Hill without any help from the refs. I agree that the refs made some bad calls, but the few that they made were evenly distributed to both sides. Overall, the refs did a great job and they let the players decide the game. The refs are human and I do get upset sometimes, but in this case they called an even game.

Do not hate skill and talent. With practice and time the rest of Illinois High school basketball can be world beaters, way to go Simeon!

don't HATE because we won like i said simeon run this like the song we taken O.V.E.R

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