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Quick Saturday update

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Conant upsets St. Joseph, Lockport over host West Aurora and Richwoods beat Schaumburg.

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Conant's Tom McCormack is such a terrific basketball coach! Year in and year out, he produces terrific teams who always come to play. Years ago, he inherited a Conant boys program that was a doormat. Since then, though, everyone must be super-ready when they play Conant. They had better know that! He takes mediocre talent and molds them into a unit, a true team, every year. This year, he had a couple of terrific young players come out for the team, but he wouldn't let them stay on the team because they were not such good citizens at school. They wouldn't shape up, so he went with subs in the starting lineup instead. Good for him! His teams are reminiscent of the ole Maine South boys teams of Coach Quitman Sullins (spelling?). You don't hear much about Tom, but he is truly an outstanding coach, and one of the coaching fraternity's nicest guys. He does a great job and yet he is as humble as could be and a real credut to the field of education.

What a terrific coach is Conant's Tom McCormack. Years ago, he inherited a program that was a doormat. He has taken rather moderately talented young men and, with his staff, has developed them into wonderful basketball teams, year in and year out. He demands that the students be good citizens in school, or else they are not allowed the privilege of representing Conant H.S. This year was no exception to that, as two "subs" are now starters, all year, and are doing very well. His teams, though certainly not the most talented, are always a solid unit, each year. When you play Conant, you had better be ready to compete, otherwise you will pay the price. His teams are reminiscent of the ole Maine South teams under Coach Quitman Sullins. Tom is one of the state's best coaches, and yet he is humble and one of the coaching fraternity's really nice guys. He is a true credit to the field of education, both during the school day and with his team, outside of the school day. If ever there was a coach who did the most with the players who walk into the school, it is Tom McCormack.

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