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Derrick Rose playing in the Big Apple

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Live from Michael O'Brien at Madison Square Garden

Simeon All-American Derrick Rose and Madison Square Garden should have been a perfect match — the top-rated point guard in the country performing on the most prestigous basketball court in the world.

But things didn’t go according to script on Sunday. Simeon lost 53-51 to Rice, NY in the Nike Super Six Invitational and Rose found himself sitting courtside after the game, trying to figure out what exactly went wrong as a trainer untaped his often-injured ankles.

“I want the pressure from my teammates” Rose said. “I’m supposed to lead them to the victory.”

Rose was unhappy with one of his final shots, an off-balance, fading away five-footer that hit the bottom of the backboard. The shot could have given the Wolverines a three-point lead with 1:15 to play.

“When we went up one I think I shot a stupid shot,” Rose said. “That could be why we lost.”

Rose was trying to deflect the blame from his younger teammate, guard Keyon Smith, who missed a potential game-tying free throw with five seconds to play.

“[Smith] is going to get better,” Rose said. “He’s still young. Hopefully this experience will help his game.”

The Wolverines started out sluggish and trailed 15-6 after the first quarter, thanks to a four-minute scoring drought. The Raiders (11-2) drained six three-pointers against Simeon’s zone-defense in the first half.

“We didn’t attack the holes like we are supposed to,” Rose said. “We looked like two different teams from the first half to the second.”

A dunk by Rose with 1:10 to play in the third quarter cut the deficit to 35-32. The Wolverines (11-2) took the lead on a layup and free throw by Rose with 1:33 to play in the game.

Rice responded immediately. Lamont Jones drained a jumper and Durand Scott stole the ball from Smith and converted a layup to but the Raiders ahead by three.

Smith atoned with a fast break layup to cut the lead to one, but then missed the crucial free throw.

Tim Flowers had seven points and 14 rebounds. Kevin Johnson had 11 points and eight rebounds.

Rice, a Catholic high school from Harlem, was led by Chris Fouch (14 points) and Kemba Walker (14 points.)
“We have a lot of work to do,” Rose said. “They were really all guards and a very young team.”

Oddly, Simeon — the first Illinois high school team to play in New York City — didn’t feel like they were representing Chicago.

“Chicago is a rough place,” Simeon coach Robert Smith said. “Some people probably hoped we lost and that’s sad.”

Since losing to Farragut last weekend the Wolverines feel abandoned by Chicago fans — not a good thing with the top-ranked team in the country, Oak Hill Academy (Va.) coming to town on Thursday.

“Chicago doesn’t really support teams like New York does,” Rose said. “So we will have to deal with a lot of negative feeling in that game.”

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rose complains chicago doesnt support simeon...what an arrogant dufus...he carpetbagged it out of town to Memphis and screwed the Illini...did his genius brother ever mention to him that there are a couple hundred thousnad UI alum bball fans in Chitown who couldnt care less about him...hope he likes his job at FedEX

I went to simeon in 88" and rose and Rob are right,chicago don't support simeon for whatever reason.I go to games and thats all you here (I HOPE THEY LOSE).The state tropy wasnt even the school's wall and there were articles about Rose's skills after they won state. I don't like St'RITA, Mount CARMEL,MARSHELL,BROTHER RICE,JULIEN,or anyother simeon rival,but I don't want no team from another state to bet those teams. Some athletes in this town can do no wrong.AND YOU WONER WHY HE WILL NOT PLAY FOR THIS STATE!

hey calilama your the BIG DUFUS here's a kid from chicago that plays for a chicago high school that saw first hand how the crowd in NY cheered on a NY school becaues they did'nt want a team outside their state to beat no school in NY, and I bet those kids from NY all are not going to NY COLLEGES that's the issue.It's not about were he'll be next year it's about were he's now in CHICAGO his home town.Hey I was praying he'll play for this state too but he's not that does'nt mean I'll stop supportting a CHICAGO TEAM! And about that FedX statment for there's nothing wrong with FedX,but if you knew anythig about Rose's future he'll own one before he'll work for one.

I'm from NYC, and I saw Rose play at Garden yesterday....if you guys don't want him, we'll take him! That brother is the truth! He's better than any player in NYC today!

I agree with Rose. Chicago shows a strange way of supporting it's High School teams. and for the comment of Rose leaving the state I didn't hear anything when a certain kid at GlenBrook North or another one from Br. Rice two years ago??

Calilama hit the nail on the head, maybe D Rose should read the Memphis papers if he wants to hear about how great he is and how much they want him to win. He wants loyalty from Chicago? He can stick it, I do not hear St. Joe's fans whining about receiving little support from Chicago. Evan Turner and McCamey will dominate the lackluster squad from the CPS, Simeon is over hyped. Loyola can take them out also, overhyped....BIGTIME. Hopefully Reggie reads these blogs before D Rose does, we don't want his feelings hurt.

hey diddy you want some of this too, that lackluster team from the CPS is the defending state champs. ST.joe's or Loyola can't take simeon if you knew anything about bball you'll know that.These schools have great support D Rose knows that, he's talking about the CPS commuity, as for as Turner and McCamey their good but their not future lottery picks like rose is.Do you think all NBA scouts are crazy? You don't wish he reads this blog because an angry Rose means more championships for simeon!Ask last years teams they crushed.

Loyola and St. Joes will be playing for the title, Simeon could not even win their CPS Tourney. Frasor and Scheyer never whined about receiving little support from Chicago. Everyone saw what Dunigan and co. did to the weak Wolverines, maybe D. Rose and Reggie should stick to their newspaper clippings from last year. BOOM BRING IT!!!

hey diddy your response shows your lack of knowledge to high school bball in this city with no merit. Brother Rice and Glenbrok North's whole commuity comes to those games,also simeon only won the CPS tourney one out of the last three years they played there; have you ever heard of an upset?You are one of those people that cheer against simeon no matter who they play, it seems you have some of that anti-simeon blood in you that Michael O'BRIEN been talking about that's been going on in this city. I know you'll have a nice seat thursday night at the game or at home cheering for Oak Hill.What wrong did Simeon beat your high school in all three major sports again?BOOM THAT!

If Rose wants some love, let Calipari give it to him, along with the gym shoe $$$.

No love here for carpetbaggers.

Simeon 88 I guess the chicago hatred extends to martez and hughes also, I guess I missed when they were crying to reporters about a lack of Chicago Support. Tell D. Rose there are plenty of walgreens on the way to TN for him to stop and by some tissues to wipe his tears. Hopefully Calipari can give him a hug and tell him how great he is. I domintate you again!!! Diddy 3 Simeon 88 0.

WOW guys, did anyone happen to forget that we are talking about a kid here? From a purely basketball perspective, maybe D Rose thinks that playing for Calipari will further his NBA aspirations. If that turns out to be true, shouldn't we be happy for him? I don't recall anyone freaking out when Michigan snuck into Chicago and stole Juwon Howard from Illinois. Ok, and why did noone get upset when Scheyer wound up at Duke? Chicago Proper does not traditionally follow HS sports like some of the suburban communities do. When you consider that you have CPS schools overlapping each other its hard to develop that strong community bond that most suburban schools enjoy. So next year I am going to cheer for D Rose at Memphis... I hope he wins Conf Freshman of the year and develops into an NBA caliber point guard.

calilama, calling a 17-18 year old kid a for saying how he feels, wow!! You're one hardcore tough guy. Look he wouldn't say it if he didn't think it to be true. Is it true? I think so but its a question with no wrong answer as its all opinion. No public league team in any sport in this city gets support from more than a handfull of people outside the public league community, (ie former players, coaches and students).

That Chicago does not support teams from Chicago is true - but it has been that way for decades. Nothing new there. Why are people surprised? Chicago is and has been fragmented for decades

I think Gordon felt the Illini Love when he played last summer in Indy. Rose would have had greater backing had he comitted to Illinois.

I would think IF more Chicagoans would support Illinois, one would see an immediate swing towards support for Chicago schools. And, why not?

They are two diff issues adn do not mingle.

BTW, there is greater support in the 'burbs.

I can't go tic for tack with you diddy when you have no merit or facts to what your saying.Your just throwing a rock and running saying na na. Surely, you can come with something worth responding to,if not just sit at all Simeon games and cheer for the other teams I guarantee you'll be disappointed more than not.SIMEON 88 WINS BY FORFEIT TO DIDDY!

Rose, I just want to say that as a Chicago native we the people of Chicago do support Chicago teams. I currently live in Mason Ohio and all I talk about is teams from Chicago, especially the H.S. boys basketball teams. Keep playing your game and we will keep cheering.

Let's not forget guys, Bears Fever has engulfed this city right now. Even the Bulls good play is barely mentioned right now.

D.Rose and Team keep up the good work. I played for Simeon from 87-91. I remember when no weak Catholic schools teams couldn't play with no Public Schools. Just win State again.

Just when you thought people respect ones choice here we go !! The young man made a choice that may change his life and we down play it. We as grown adults should support him and be happy that he's not turning out like some of the kids are today. I also played @ "THE MEON" 86-90 so I know the feeling of making the right choices. To Derrick Rose I wish you the best !! Mr.Bartholomew Jackson #44 Go BLUE AND GOLD !!!!

The U of M and the U of SM, translated to be the University of Memphis and the University of South Memphis placed 2 players in the 1st round of the NBA draft. We appreciate the chance of sending another one in Derrick Rose,,,aaah by the way Fed-Ex is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. By the way carpet baggers are deemed northerners, be sure to tell D.Rose to pack his carpet in his bag, we have a nice gym locker to hold both.

Now your boy is thanking the City for the support b/c they won? What a chump maybe he should ask himself why Brandon Jennings dropped 19 on him in the second half. No one is questioning his talen what everyone is questioning is why cry about lack of support when he is leaving? He should be complaining to the Simeon community, maybe Sim 88 and Big Ed need to rally the troops and support your school. Until then quit whining D. Rose!

Congrats to Simeon! Keep up the good work!

D. Rose is a phenomenal basketball player and we in Memphis wait with open arms to accept him into our family. Just for reference, we, in Memphis, are used to producing great prep hoop stars and usually several of them spurn Memphis for any of several reasons. We continue to support them, even if we don't support the programs with which they choose to affiliate themselves.

I go to CPS public High school games and they are well supported by Chicagoans. I feel if you want the support you should get it from FAMILY, FRIENDS and classmates. Basketball should not be a priority to children instead BOOKS, let's focus on how well Rose is doing in school just in case basketball does not work out. Make him use his head for knowledge and then use his sport for fun. KID what is your ACT and where are you going to college. THAT is what important, I'm also a simeon graduated and without a formal education (college degree) you will be left behind in this world. I represent class of 84 with all championships - baseball, basketball and football. Now go and look at the guys today from that class what are they doing with their lives and can they even say they played professional ball or have a degree. EDUCATION FIRST and MICHAEL JORDAN

Thats great dreadken, thats cause there isnt much to root for in Memphis at UT proved earlier in the year.
Briang it!

What happen in your childhood that have you calling a 17 year old kid a chump diddy.Now your not questioning his skills mr.simeon is overrated,he has an opinion like the next man,as for Jenning he's a great player one of the best,but even you with your lack of bball knowledge saw with no question who was the best player on the floor that night.STOP HATTING!

Derrick, I hope that you are reading this stuff and laughing out loud. I have always supported Simeon Basketball even before I attended the awesome warehouse. But I have not been this excited since Ben and the boys won our first state title. Derrick, put God first, continue to remain humble, and I pray a double portion of blessings upon your sweet mother who I met in New York and your brother for doing his best to guide your career. You are on the right path. Just tell Tim to stop bouncing that ball when he's under the basket. He's giving the defense a chance to react favorably. You are better than you think Tim, take it up strong.

Derrick Rose is THE TRUTH! Being a HIGHLY RECRUITED ball player out of high school myself back in 91', I truly understand the pressures of making the right college decision for your future! I'm not bias to the Memphis Tigers because I'm from Memphis, however Calapari has had a proven, innate ability to produce NBA caliber players throughout his entire career! I made a HUGE mistake in the school that I chose because of city loyalty! Now I'm a very successful, Grammy Nominated music producer however, if I didn't have this God giving gift, I probably would have been working at FedEx! Support this kid's decision! Trust me, he's gonna be in great hands for at least a year, maybe two then he'll surely be ready for the NBA! Being a GREAT ball player goes far beyond just skills, it's making GREAT decisions on and off the court! Derrick you made a GREAT off the court decision by choosing Memphis! Can't wait to see you play here, then on to the NBA!!!

For Derrick Rose, it playing at MSG was very memorable because he almost beat a very talented Rice team featuring Kemba Walker, Durand Scott, Jeff Harris, Lamont (Mo-Mo) Jones, Chris Fouch & Dorvell Carter.

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