By Michael O'Brien

Reggie Hamilton scores 10, Thornwood leads Rich South at the half

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Thornwood 21, Rich South 19...

Rich South jumped out to an early 11-4 lead, thanks to eight straight points from junior sharpshooter Carlton Guyton.

Hamilton responded with seven points in a 12-3 Thunderbird run.

Sophomore center Steve Walker is not on the Thornwood bench. Rumor is that he was not in school all week and has left the team.

Hamilton and Trey Blue, the Thunderbirds top players, did not start. They both checked in midway through the first quarter.

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u kno who i am im latisha sista wat up reggie

Hi reggie! It's been along time since I've seen u. I'm not sure if u remember me but I left Thornwood in 05' to MS! Any memories coming back to u? Neway I just wanted to say CONGRATS on ur career at Thornwood, even though I wasn't there I kept up with the records and the highlight tapes on! Not a groupie, but I just knew from watching u all our freshman year that u all would dominate the court by our jr and senior yr and u did! Job Well done! I wish u da best!!

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