By Michael O'Brien

North Shore's Jereme Richmond: A driven freshman

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Richmond is only 14, but it is already apparent that he’s extremely driven and hard working. He didn’t play basketball in elementary school because “they didn’t take the game seriously enough.��?

On Tuesday against Latin, Richmond spent the majority of the game dribbling with his left hand.
“Dribbling with my left was something I wanted to work on during the game,��? Richmond said. “It went pretty well so I just stuck with it.��?

Most high school freshmen, even talented ones, are just trying to get through the day, maybe dreaming about getting a few minutes of varsity play. Richmond is working on his dribbling skills while scoring 41.

“I can do everything better,��? Richmond said. “I haven’t mastered anything yet. I have to be able to do whatever it takes to win. If I’m needed to knock down a couple of threes in the last few seconds of the game I have to be able to do that.��?

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