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Inside the Super 25

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Reviewing week two...

--Not a whole lot of movement in the Super 25 this week. The most significant change I made was moving St. Joseph up to #2 and dropping Marshall to #3. I still think that Marshall has more talent and will be a better team than St. Joe's by the end of the season, but right now the Commandos are struggling. Either Mike Stovall or Ryan Hare has to step up and replace Patrick Beverley's leadership and scoring. They both have the basketball ability.

--The most impressive team I saw this weekend was Curie. The Condors have almost everyone back from last season and it looks like they all got stronger and taller. Mike Oliver has them playing their usual up-tempo style. They've got 8-10 guys that can all handle the ball and shoot, and like the best Curie teams of the past few years, they seem to relish playing defense.

--Watch out for Leo sophomore James Pointer. He's got some incredible skills. Friday against Mount Carmel he spent most of the game attacking the basket, so I'm not sure what kind of a shooter he is. He has the physical ability to develop into one of the top guards in the sophomore class.

--Von Steuben guard Mike DiNunno was just as good, and maybe better, than advertised. The Sun-Times' Clyde Travis said earlier this fall that DiNunno could be an all-city player. Clyde was right. In fact, all three of Von's guards played very well together. However, unless the big men start playing consistently well, the Panthers will have trouble matching up with the size of Simeon, Marshall, Crane and Washington.

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I agree about Von. They gotta get something from their bigs to excel. I knew Dinuno (5-7 from 3)would be great. Despite, inablity to breath due to flu, Horton (2-3 from 3)played well as did Lundeen who was 3-3 from 3. Foul trouble hampered Fields but he will be back strong.

Thanks for the updates. I often am interested in going to Public League games, but don't end up doing it as I would need to plan a couple weeks out. Where is the best place to find season schedules?

I think you have to check out the game tuesday at hillcrest. It is going to be a good one but I think East will do it Look for Jacob to come out strong

O'Brien responds: I'll be there, I'm looking forward to it. I haven't seen Hillcrest play yet this season. I was very impressed with Proviso East. They are better than I thought they were when I did the preseason rankings.

hey man how come you never say anything bout John Hope Boys they have a good team go check them out

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