By Michael O'Brien

Four Division I assistants watching at Hales

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Spartans lead Fenwick 25-24 at the half

Josh Crittle and Kevin Hicks each scored eight in the first half.

Assistant coaches from Marquette, Wake Forest, Wisconsin and Stanford are on hand to watch Crittle, Matt Humphrey and Fenwick's Xavier Humphrey.

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does hales really have 3 div 1 player? if so they should be ranked 2 or 3 in the state. what do you think?

O'Brien responds: They have two Division I players, Matt Humphrey and Josh Crittle. Xavier Humphrey, another DI prospect, plays for Fenwick.

And, as Hales has proven so far this season, the amount of DI prospects on your team has nothing to do with how good you are.

What ever happened to Humphrey's older brother that played at Fenwick?

he plays college ball

dosen't zak kinsch play for illinois warriors? what high school is he at?

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