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The season begins...

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Tonight I'll be heading to Lane to watch Brooks and Zion-Benton...

Neither team is ranked, but it will be fun to watch a Chris Head coached team again. I'm not sure if Brooks has any talent, but I'm sure Head will find a way to make them competitive. Zion-Benton has Marcus Yarbrough, a 6-7 sophomore. I haven't seen him play yet, but most recruiting analysts say he's a top 20 player in the 2009 class, so I'm sure he's worth a look.

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Hinsdale South did not play a perfect game last night but they beat a good RB team with '08 star Chris Parrish and Paul Riskus was outstanding.

i went to the lane tourney, i like zion-benton, oak park, and evanston. of all the teams in the tourney, i think oak park was the best. they had a couple of decent players sitting on the bench in dress clothes, do you know why?

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