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The centers

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Time to finish up our look at the top players around the area...


Tim Flowers, 6-5, Sr, Simeon: Tough, powerful, already a state champion. The heart and soul of Simeon.

Brandon McGee, 6-7, Sr, Crane: Made some amazing moves underneath the basket last season. Will have to develp more of a perimeter game to be successful in college. He should be a very exciting player to watch this season.

Josh Crittle, 6-8, Jr, Hales: Occasionally dominant, often average, this is the year he needs to start putting it together.

Mike Dunigan, 6-9, Jr, Farragut: Based on size alone, Dunigan has the most potential of any big man in the state.

Jawaan Nelson, 6-8, Jr, Bloom: Developing very nicely, will be a key part on one of the top teams in the state.


Isaiah Martin, 6-8, Sr, Morgan Park: Had a nice summer, hopefully new coach Paris Parham can inject some life into Morgan Park's regular season.

James Henley, 6-7, Sr, Lincoln Park: If Henley plays to his potential, the Lions could be unstoppable.

Dionte Gaskew, 6-6, Sr, Leo: Like his team, Gaskew underachieved a bit last year.


John Bagge, 6-7, Jr, Wheaton North: Came on strong last season, should begin opening some eyes.

Stephen Crane, 6-8, Sr, York: Al Biancalana has revived the Dukes, Crane has played a big part in that.


Kamil Janton, 6-9, Jr, Bartlett

Marcus Yarbrough, 6-7, So, Zion-Benton

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There is a 6ยด10, 290 pound kid who is walking on at one of the Rockford public schools. Watch out. His name is Cullen Westerhouse. His family just moved from Orange, NJ. He has never played organized ball, but is a semi street legend in Jersey.

I saw the guy Westerhouse play at some pick up games at the ymca in Camden and he more than held his own against some starters from Rurgers and Seton Hall.

There is a kid name Eris B at John Hope is is a monster are u serious he is noe rank. I know that they do not get that much attention but he is the best center in the state.

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