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Roy Schmidt on Rose's commitment

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The Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye recruiting analyst weighs in on tonight's decision...

"Once again, when it is all said and done, the first and foremost thing with Derrick Rose is getting to the NBA," Schmidt said. "He's going to be a one-and-done player. Obviously, with [Memphis coach John] Calipari's track record of putting players into the NBA, as well as coaching at that level, they saw Memphis as being the most natural fit."

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i tell u one thing hambric would have never let this mess happened i think derrick is a good kid but the way his brother is handling the recruitment process is crazy and adds a lot of pressure to a 17yr old kid that plays the game for fun i wish derrick all the best in college were ever he goes. go illini

does milwaukee wisconson have any gaurds cause they have big men

Why can't Illinois recruit top Public League talent? Illinois goes on the great Final Four run and not only do we have no recruits to show for their effort but Bruce Webber can't close the deal with his brother and Jon Scheyer. This is really sad. What happened to Calvin Brock Player of the Year? He hasn't made an impact at Illinois yet? What is the problem?

please tell me you are not this stupid. if you want to talk about "the best deals" thats fine, but please do not patronize us about developing players.

Personally, I commend this kid and his family on making a "good" decision for what "they" were looking for. Without a doubt, Memphis IS the correct choice. As the columnist stated the issues here IS one-&-done, nothing more nothing less.
As an Illini fan, I have no problem w/this choice, b/c I realize this kid is a ticket for several people, including his brother Reggie. I wish the Rose's all the luck in the world; they just might need it.

We all hope Rose has a great career but don't insult anyone by saying" it's about the education" at Memphis. If he is not injured, he will never have more than 30 hours of credit at any University. I wonder if his brother is going with him to help him study.

It seems like many people are not happy with Roses' brother. The decision to go to Memphis may have been a good one but you have to remember that Mephis does produce NBA busts.

I would love to have one of the Tribune Beat reporters do an expose' on Derrick Rose and his family from 6 months ago to 24 months from now. Maybe put Pam Zekman and Walter Jacobson (oh where have you gone Walter Jacobson?)on it.

What I would like the investigation to center around is all financial dealings concerning Derrick Rose and his Brother, Reggie, as well as his former AAU and High School Coaches,and basically any one who is family or friends with Derrick Rose. The basic questions would be like, "What were they using for transportation then, and what are they now?

Then, you would look at the employment part of their new life. The question would be, "what were you doing for gainful employment at that time and how much were you paid, and conversely, what is your new job and how much do you receive in salary?" Of course, you could get comical with questioning. You could ask things like, "Do you actually have to show up for work, or, Did you even interview with the hiring manager on this job? Or, even, "So , Reggie, what was it on your resume that made you qualified for this CEO's position?"

The final part of the expose' would be over their new living quarters. I would love to know what kind of palaces have been built or bought for Derrick Rose's extended family---how much they cost, and who paid for them.?

There has been an undercurrent of rumors surrouding this recruiting process. From the outside looking in, it appears to be a very poor decision to go to a "City" school like Memphis when he had the opportunity to go to a world class university like the University of Illinois...........or even the less highly regarded, but still semi-prestigious, University of Indiana. Something just doesn't smell right here. But,the color of money is green everywhere you go.

But can he currently read at a double digit grade level?

Should've chosen IU or U of I...

Memphis is so overrated as far as the NBA is concerned. They're all flops as of late. The most recent is PG Darius Washington. Obviously, Rose is better then Washington was out of HS, but still Washington left after 2 years and didnt get drafted. He hasn't made an NBA team yet either. We should all enjoy Rose for the last year we can see him. I think he's the best thats come along in a long long time. I'd even put him over D-Miles as a high schooler. Wish he were in orange though!

"world class university like the University of Illinois" YOUR JOKING RIGHT? The grad rate for IL atheletes is as big a joke as anywhere. What has IL basketball done that is so great. NO NATIONAL CHAMPIONS - how many one and done in the tourney. NBA players that don't play. A pathetic orange jersey. I dare anyone to show me what success IL basketball has had outside of those couple of years the big ten was week and got smashed by the ACC and how well do they do in the tourney?? IL sucks in ALL sports.

Anyone who thinks that the kid´s choice has anything to do with education needs to get their head examined. He was sold to the highest bidder. I hope that he does well, but can you name any recent Memphis recruits who went on to have what would be considered successful NBA careers. I gues that in this day and age all that matters is getting picked in the first round which guarentees bonus $$ even if you don´t make it long-term in the league. We will see Rose´s true colors this year. I bet his team doesn´t go down state.

For everybody talking crap about Memphis all because your hometown product,Derrick Rose, chose us-I got news for you. You can sit back and name 15 players that Illinois sent to the NBA & NOT 1 of them can equal up to ANFERNEE "PENNY" HARDAWAY(4 time NBA All-Star & Olympic Gold medalist who went to Memphis State & finished up with a degree).We do have players in the NBA now & that have played in the past.It's not even worth naming 'cause it does'nt matter.You people up there in Illinois need to get over this Derrick Rose stuff! The city of Memphis has produced some of the most talented college basketball players in the nation.We lose players every year to other colleges but we dont cry about it like you guys do!
We lost Thad Young(#5 rated h.s. prospect this yr-McDonalds All-America) to Georgia Tech this year but we're not boo-hooing about it.We lost Corey Bradford to Illinois some yrs back too.Todd Day,Ron Huery,& Arlyn Bowers to Arkansas(final Four 1990).Corey Beck & Dwight Stewart to Arkansas(1994 National Champs).And I can go on & on if you want me to. Memphis is a basketball hotbed for recruiters just in case you didnt know. Hey,I'm through with this subject. He's coming here to the UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS.ENOUGH SAID! Just be happy for Derrick Rose.Peace

hey fuff i got news for you pal!
Are you trying to say the 1st 8 yrs of Penny Hardaway's(Memphis State-1991-1993) career in the NBA was not a success!? Man, get real!lol.I hate to be petty like this(haha) but you guys asked for it-can u please name 1 player from U of I that had his own shoe(and its still selling to this very day)!? Had those infamous Nike commercials with "Lil Penny" Chris Rock! Named to the NBA All-Star team four times & an Olympic Gold Medalist in 1996(Dream Team 2).And Orlando didnt start make any noise til he got there! Man, you people are narrowed minded up there for thinking so lowly of the South.You have no knowledge of our history apparently so please husssssssshhhhhh!!Illinois has never won a Championship! And thats the truth you guys hate to hear.Memphis has'nt won 1 either but you better start paying attention to us & stop all of this hating!
Derrick Rose welcome to the South!! You made the right choice trust me! It's too bad Weber doesnt know how to recruit high leveled players. Dont blame Calipari. He's been doing this for years since he was under Larry Brown @Kansas in the 80's.Who do you think was getting all of that talent to come to Kansas back then!? JOHN CALIPARI sir-he was Brown's top assistant!!The guy can recruit his ass off & he knows how to put the right mix of players together.Period.Good riddance.I'm done with posting stuff on here about ROSE.He's here next fall!Peace

Memphis doesnt have near the talent chi-town does and the number of players in the NBA. You live in the Chi you got skillz. Who are these people you mention ? Todd Day, bum Arlen who ???? Chicago produces talent, player. I'm out.

To the Man: sir,will u please stop talking this crap about Darius Washington not getting drafted.Rodney Carney was smart enough to stay in school all 4 yrs & he ended up getting drafted 16TH OVERALL IN THIS YEAR'S DRAFT.He developed his skills.Washington made the idiotic choice of coming out in his sophomore year when he was'nt ready.Rose is better than him anyway.Hey,its been nice talking to you Illini fans.But Illinois are on their way down whether you like it or not!Weber cant recruit so you guys are doomed!

Can someone please tell me what all the fuss is about? Derrick Rose chose Memphis over Illinois, so what. I am a huge Illinois fan and we have a history of not being able to lure our state's top players. The last one I can think of that stayed was Dee Brown, a product of my beloved Proviso East High School and current member of the Utah Jazz. I mean really, all of you that are bashing Derrick Rose and his decision by talking about how smart he isn't and the financial state of his family, sound really ignorant. Besides, what the hell do you all have to gain if he did choose Illinois? Absolutely nothing, that's what. I appluad his decision to not give in to the pressure of choosing the state school and go somewhere that he feels would be the most beneficial to him and his family regarding his future, which almost certainly includes the NBA. No one, not even Derrick himself should lose any sleep over the decision he made. Everyone needs to stop crying and find something that's worth fussing about. The University of Illinois will be fine with or without Derrick Rose and I wish him all the luck in the world at Memphis.

Memphisman, you forgot one thing -- Calipari also learned how to cheat under Larry Brown at Kansas.

When Larry left KU after the '88 championship, the NCAA mess he left behind took 3 years to clean up.

Congrats to Rose - God bless him and safe travels.

Neither Memphis nor Illinois nor Indiana will win the NCAA title this year or next. None of them will have the horses. Sorry to burst any remaining bubbles. But feel free to keep dreaming if it helps you sleep at night.

we all know that coach webber can coach i think he need a asst coach with strong ties to chicago. ther are to many top notch leaving this state

Personally, I don't know why a major university would waste the time and effort to recruit two kids anticipating playing only one year of college ball. It will be interesting to learn what really happened in the recruitment of Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon, if that ever happens. It would have been nice if Eric Gordon would have had the class to decommit when he knew he was going to consider Indiana, at least Derrick Rose never committed to the Illini.

I think Bruce Weber is a first class coach. His record at Illinois speaks for itself. I think Coach Weber should continue to pursue talent at the highest level, but let's pass on the kids whose intention is to play one year. We missed out on some serious talent that could have helped insure the success of the Illinois program for many years.

I know that the recruiting game has changed significantly in recent years. It would be interesting to know what it is all about in today's world. The one thing that hasn't changed is the fact we are dealing with 17 year old "kids" and that its not over until "I's are dotted and the T's are crossed".

i wish derrick rose all the best in the future. he is a solid player, and i would have loved to have seen him in orange. at the same time, i wouldn't want illinois getting involved in any suspicious dealings to lure the roses and their NBA caravan. weber is one of the best coaches in recent illini history. i'm sure he'll continue to develop less highly-regarded players and make the illini a force come march. go illini!

Be for real, the U of I will never be able to recruit black kids from the inner city or surrounding suburbs. I wonder why? Maybe the U of I coaches have no relationship with the coaches from the city. What's so great about down south Illinois. Look at history, starting with Jim Brewer, no one goes to Illinois. Great choice Derrick

Perhaps if Memphis had a decent program and people who support it, they wouldn´t lose all of that so-called talent from what you call a hot bed. Carney will be a bust in the NBA just as every Memphis product starting with Keith Lee (Perhaps you are too young)has been, perhaps with the exception of Penny who did indeed make big coin, but he never won squat and never showed the motivation to rehab from his first serious injury. Chicago has produced numerous players who were better than Penny. And as for you Mephisman, you are a petty person for playing the region/race card by claiming that I attacked the south. I am Chicago born and raised, but I happen to have lived in Ashville, NC for 12 years and my wife was born and raised there. A slab of Memphis Ribs vs. a stuffed pizza says that The Illini win more games than your boys over the next three years!

Hey fuffer, seems the Memphis "products" are well known to you. You have no trouble coming up with names, but didn't mention any Chicago "products". Hate to say it, but it's likely to be the same story for quite awhile. Now run google some Chicago names for your next post.

to mellow: You only say that because we're in 2 diff. cities "potna"!!It goes to show you how narrowed minded yall people are up there in Illinois.Nobody in the SOUTH pays attention to the Big 10 or Illinois at all!And I speak for Georgia,Texas,Carolina,Alabama,Florida,Mississippi,Arkansas,etc..But for 1 day,I wished you could live here & see what I'm talking about MISTER!!Memphis has plenty of talented bb players.But anyway,you all need to be happy Derrick Rose is going to a college than to be in a gang,a drug dealer,etc! Just be happy!
Oh by the way,FUFF, there are 2 polls that are out--The USA TODAY POLL & AP--tell me where Illinois is ranked & where we are!?lol.We're #14 BUDDY!!hahaha.Are you kidding me or what.Illinois are on their way down & we're building a powerhouse down here in Memphis whether you like it or not.I wished I had your address so I could send you the tape of the Illinois vs Memphis game when Dee Brown,Brian Cook & Company were there & we whooped their butts on National TV & Illinois was ranked #5 in the nation! Oh,I'm sorry,you guys are superior than Memphis though.I forgot!lol.You're from big bad Chicago.Oh we're scared of you guys!lol..Man,It doesnt matter what name is on the jersey sir or what conf. your school represents. Memphis is on the rise & if you think what we accomplished last year was a fluke,you better start paying attention to your tv screeens sir!
Starting on NOV.20th @2:30pm on ESPN2 live from MAUI It's Memphis vs Oklahoma! Now watch the ass whipping Oklahoma is about to recieve gentleman! Man,you guys crack me up!Imma let you all keep venting about this D.Rose stuff.Yall be easy! Welcome to the South D.Rose!!

If memphis is such a hot bed. Why do they have to come to chicago to recruit?memphis tigers are on the rise. they want to raise there program to where illinois has been for the last twenty years, multiple final fours, multiple and repeat conference champs and multiple nba players: derrick harper, deron williams, ken battle, nick anderson, frank williams, dee brown, marcus liberty, steve bardo, brian cook,etc.. as for fuff, if he cant name any chicago products, how about quinn buckner, terry cummings, doc rivers, mark aguirre, isiah thomas,mitchel anderson, nick anderson, ronnie lester,kevin garnett,johnny kerr. how bout a team of Cummings at center, garnett and aguirre at fwds with isiah and doc rivers in the backcourt VS any five from memphis schools.

perhaps if you paid attention youd see that the big ten and big ten area has produced many of the all time greats. Lebron,magic, Isiah, bird. and you cant even talk college football this year! say what you will about illini sports, but don´t dis the big ten

Hey to Chris & Fuff who gives a damn about who went to Illinois or from Chicago! How many times I gotta say this---ILLINOIS HAS NEVVVVVVVER WON IT ALL SO GET OVER IT!If they had that many so-called superstars how come they have'nt won it all yet!!?? Please explain that to me SIR.I dont care if they went to a million final fours-if you cant win it all at some point your school sucks!! I'm not about to sit up here & name all of the players that went to Memphis State(or that are from the city of Memphis) & played in the NBA.For what?!! What the hell is that proving.But trust me I CAN NAME THEM SIR!Dont go there with me,I'd make you feel like an idiot.all you gotta do is look on the NET & the proof is right there.
But hey,dont be upset at Memphis because we landed your hometown hero!lol.Bruce Weber cant recruit worth a damn!He's a total joke.You guys are NIT bound for the next couple of years just like that other BIG 10 school that "USED" to be on top Michigan!HaHaHa.A name on a jersey dont mean squat nowadays sir! Did you witness the '06 Final Four?! Times have really changed when George Mason beats North Carolina & UConn on their way to the Final Four.Bradley beat Pitt & Kansas.Wichita State made some noise,etc! Do you get my point gentleman?! Nobody gives a hoot about a traditional school no more.Illinois came to Memphis ranked #5 in the nation when Brian Cook,Augustine,Dee Brown,etc were there & we whipped their butts on national the results if you think i'm making it up.
Derrick Rose will be wearing that blue & gray next year so its too bad yall didnt land him.Grow up & get a life.Stop hating on Memphis.It's not our fault he chose us...Peace out gentleman.You're going to be alright!lol

Here here Mr. memphis, the season is starting. lets watch the game and see what happens. as you put it, I guess that both of our schools suck because you all aint won squat for the nit, send us a post card from madison square, well be playing in the regional finals that weekend. peace out.

lol.ok fuff i got ya! If Memphis dont go at least to the sweet 16 i'd get back on here & eat my own words! But hey its been nice getting on here "teasing" you guys about D.Rose coming to Memphis next year. Corey Bradford was recruited heavy by Memphis(and he's from here) & we ended up losing him to you guys. I think he graduated in '01.So, now you know how it feels to lose a big time recruit to a school out of state.
After all of the stuff I said,I'll be a good sport & say I wish The Fighting Illini nothing but the best.Good Luck

for all of weber's seems the lack of Illinois talent escapes from him..sorta like keady at Purdue did..must be something in the water in west is a great coach..but has minimal recruiting success..may be a down year for the big10/11..but watch out for the Hoosiers this year..they will be a surprise nationally..and then wait until next year..the Gordon years begin..and he comes in with a number of excellent recruits..

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