By Michael O'Brien

Rose family has arrived at the Martinique

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and so have the television crews...

The Rose family arrived at the Martinique at 6:15. Tables are set up for the press, for the Rose family, and for the families of Simeon players Kevin Johnson and Tim Flowers, who will also announce their college choices today.

Television cameras from ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, WGN and Comcast SportsNet are on hand.

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i tell u one thing hambric would have never let this mess happened i think derrick is a good kid but the way his brother is handling the recruitment process is crazy and adds a lot of pressure to a 17yr old kid that plays the game for fun i wish derrick all the best in college were ever he goes. go illini

IU's coach tried to pull out the last minute negative campaign but it didn't work.

this is a mess its not the simeon way of doing things

what exactly is the Simeon way of doing things? is there such a thing on this planet as the "Simeon way"?

The "Simeon Way" used to be "The Hambric Way." Don't sign early, keep out of the media, control the situation and don't turn it into a circus. Remember Ben Wilson, Nick Anderson and Deon Thomas? Not to be confused this with the $onny Cox way.

well i know Derrick Rose Tim Flowers and Kevin Johnson will all make it 2 tha NBA.....because i attend Simeon Career Academy...and they are like mah im not just sayin this i do attend the school!!!!! THEY WILL GO FAR........THEY WONT BE STOPPED...ITZ THEM WOLVERINES ALL DAY!

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