By Michael O'Brien

Memphis coach John Calipari not in Chicago, hasn't heard from Rose yet

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The internet rumors are untrue, Calipari was not at O'Hare Airport today...

According to Dan Wolken of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, as of 6 pm, Calipari had not spoken to the Roses. So, like the rest of us, Calipari is still waiting to hear Derrick Rose's decision.

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My source tells me it is Indiana. They are going to have super backcourt with Rose and Gordon!!!

Let me guess. My brother works for the sister of the brother of the son of the cousin of........

Rose and Gordon all the way baby!!!!!!

i tell u one thing hambric would have never let this mess happened i think derrick is a good kid but the way his brother is handling the recruitment process is crazy and adds a lot of pressure to a 17yr old kid that plays the game for fun i wish derrick all the best in college were ever he goes. go illini

yeah. good job Bob Haas -- my source says you're wrong; and a moron. Rose picked a different crooked school to go to for a year other than Indiana. It's a shame that Illinois even has to be involved in this crap.

Settle down Ned. Since when can you have a good source from someone named Tiffany at a 1-900 number.

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