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Live coverage of Rose decision

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Starting at 7 pm, we will provide live coverage of Derrick Rose's announcement.

From what we've been told, the happening at the Martinique in Burbank is more of a party than a press conference. It begins at 7 pm, but according to Reggie Rose, the announcement could come closer to 8 pm.

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i want live coverage

No matter what happens, the college basketball world will be laughing at Illinois and the Orange Krush (aka Band Geeks)

Go DR!!!

how is this live coverage? are you just going to post it as soon as it comes or are you going to type out in detail everything that is happening at the event?

Rose to Memphis.

cant wait to find out

wow..reggie rose is quite the showman


Please please please pick ILLINOIS!!!!

Where is the blog, I thought it was supposed to start

Let the party begin, Rose to IU. Ill and Memphis to cry. "Sampson Cheated" hers some cheese for that wine...

when is he going to make the decision

Indiana Indiana Indiana.....gooooooo hoosiers!!

where is the live video?

Even if rose goes to Illinois, the number of banners hanging from your rafters is 0. Go Hoosiers

I heard Rose isnt coming to Illinois because Bruce Weber gives panda kisses to his players

It'll be between Memphis and Indiana.

Word on the street is that Sampson is in Rose's ear and trashing the Memphis program and their league. So we'll see if negative recruiting works

GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO IU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how is this live coverage? are you just going to post it as soon as it comes or are you going to type out in detail everything that is happening at the event?

how much longer?

Pick IU...tradition, best fans, awesome campus, can't beat it!

IU wants DR.

Let the party begin. Rose to IU, ILL & MEM to tears.

DR to IU. Kelvin Sampson has an investigation coming per insiders at NCAA.

Who cares. We don't need him. We have EJ.

Sampson using negative recruiting? Go figure!

When was the last time Indiana won on past glories because your present has been brutally aweful?

Wow - didn't realize this many Indiana hicks knew how to use a computer.

Where is the money going from the $15 entry fee? I hope it is not Reggie's agent fee

Is there an hour difference from Indiana to Chicago...So it's 7:30 here and only 6:30 there...Just a thought.

All are good choices for different reasons. . here's hoping DR selects: tradition; the coach who'll help prepare him for the next level; teammates he knows, trusts and will help him shinehelps; and chooses to help bring IU its 6th banner!

where is the video??? or is it video?

no live reports matter who DR picks...good luck to him...but @ IU he could have EJ,DJ and a great class for one run at the tittle!

Coverage starts at 7 p.m. That's when it's live coverage. Try reading.

can i get a GO BIG RED from all the hoosier fans?Lets (IU fans) take this ILL. blog over just like we do their B-Ball players!

no live reports matter who DR picks...good luck to him...but @ IU he could have EJ,DJ and a great class for one run at the title!

Hicks from Indiana? I didn't know people outside of Indiana were so ignorant. Got 5? Indiana does. We do live by tradition, I'm sure if your school of choice had it, so would you.

When did UI fans become such whiners? Webber still hasn't won with his recruits, only Self's guys. You guys are doomed.

time diff...sorry!

went to the title game in 02 dolphus augustus, whens the last time you won anything of any worth in any sport. . . also i love how Illinois now thinks that they are a rival to IU, whereas you are not on my radar. look at all those banners. Go Hoosiers

What tradition are you referring to? Will this black coach at Indiana get the same KKK treatment from you IU knuckleheads like Mike Davis did? That's really something to be proud of.

UI fans calling IU fans hick. Anyone find this ironic?

I'm a SC Illini fan of 43 years and I have a need to know, please!!!!

Take it for what it's worth. Word from inside Indiana Athletics Offices: Call from D. Rose for Coach Sampson a little after 6pm. After a short call, Sampson didn't say anything but was wearing a "huge smile".

really? when did kelvin sampson change his heritage from native american to african american? i didn't know you could do that.

Funny how Indiana fans are all about tradition, but their own coach is exactly what tradition is NOT about. So if it is about tradition once a prospect commits you leave the prospect alone. So don't be crying tradition

Doomed? You mean like the Mike Davis years? You bums haven't won squat since Knight left and won't be winning anything again anytime in the next 20 years...Funny how Self couldn't win with his own guys and they played better in a new system. As for a better coach, what has Sampson EVER won?

Sampson is native american.....not black you idiot

Black? Sampson is Native American. Might want to get the facts straight next time you try and make fun of someone.

He's not black you idiot, he's native american. you guys never seize to amaze me.

Sampson isn't black...he's a Native I need to explain the difference? Seems like they forgot to cover it during your remedial studies at Illinois...

why doesnt this work??

GO ILLINI!!!! Its Orange & Blue Time Derrick!

Whatever happens, don't freak out. It's bad enough that we implode after every 2nd place recruiting finish. If we don't get Rose, we are going to be fine. Remember we are an elite program that is the envy of every program in America and we have the best college coach anymore. Don't give the haters any ammunition by acting suicidal if Rose goes elsewhere.

time diff...sorry!

To anonymous...Sampson is Native American, not black, genius.


it's memphis

Hey Peegs...

I guess Sampson's smile was caused by gas!

After already hiring two Gordonites, there were no jobs (or cash) left for the Roses at IU.

And how many of those banners did your current players and Coaches win?

Go Illini! Stay home and support your community!

Rose commits to Memphis.

I told everybody on here where Derrick Rose was going all along.
He committed to Memphis.He announced it a couple hrs ago.Everybody in Memphis knew it too.You could tell by just looking at him at midnight Madness.He knew where he was going all along.
Derrick made the right choice when its all said & done.And yall can talk all of that nonsense about Memphis is in a small market & a weak conference all you want to.But so was UNLV back in the day & Tarkanian set up a powerhouse while everybody critcized them for playing in the WCC.Calipari has been setting up a powerhouse down here since he was hired back in 2000.But it was unfortunate that most of his top recruits went to the NBA & skipped college.
But this past year,'05-'06, he showed the whole country what could happen when "ALL" of his recruits showed up.33-4,a #1 seed in the tournament & Elite 8 is all i got say on that subject.Rose is only staying 1 year & if everybody that thinks we want make any noise better think again.We return every starter for '07-'08 along with a heralded recruiting class with Rose leading the way!!If last year didnt wake yall up about where our program is headed,you had better start paying attention!!Peace

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