By Michael O'Brien

Jereme Richmond to Illinois

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The top player in the class of 2010 has given an oral commitment to Bruce Weber...

After his massive 34 point, 21 rebound game against Aldon-Hebron, Weber apparently didn't waste any time in offering Jereme Richmond. Richmond, a 6-5 freshman at North Shore Country Day, gave an oral commitment to Weber on Wednesday.

"When Bruce Weber said he's gonna change his recruitment, he sure wasn't kidding," Roy Schmidt of Illinois Prep Bulls-Eye said. "Skill-wise, Richmond is one of the top five players in the state regardless of class."

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Look to later today for an exclusive interview with J-Rich

The question is will that 'verbal' stand for four years?

Good job, lets just hope he doesn't change his mind on U of I.

Yeah, let's keep him at U of I and not IU.

Personaly, I think Mr. Richmond will leave North Shore Country Day. Will this effect the commitment considering Mr. Richmond (father) stated how he willnot switch high schools because they are not a "switchy" kind of family?

he is my big cousin and i fell he should go where he fells he should go.he is a freshman and that is a early commitment i wouldnt be suprised if he took his talent elsewhere.


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