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Election day (time to vote for your favorite players)

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Pick the 10-man team you'd run with this season...

Nearly every publication and recruiting services picks pre-season and post-season all-area and all-state teams, so we aren't going to do that here at High School Confidential. Instead, I'm going to pick a team of favorites. The ten guys that I would take if I had to put together a team to try and win the state title this season.


G-Derrick Rose, Simeon, Sr.
G-Nick Fruendt, Batavia, Jr.
F-Ryan Hare, Marshall, Jr.
F-Evan Turner, St. Joseph, Sr.
C-Brandon McGee, Crane, Sr.

Rose is an easy pick. I'm sure plenty of you will team him up with St. Joe's guard Demetri McCamey, which is a great choice. I'm going with Fruendt. He plays very well without the ball — which is key since I'd want it in Rose's hands most of the time — and he's a great shooter. I'm putting Proviso East's Jacob Pullen on my bench. He provides a great combination of top-notch defense and instant offense.

I think Ryan Hare is one of the most underrated guys in the state. He's tough, athletic and has a nice outside shot. He had the best numbers of any sophomore in the state last season: 22 points, eight rebounds and four assists per game. Sure, everybody scored a lot in Marshall's high-octane offense, but those are terrific numbers for a second year player.

Picking a center was tough. It's hard to pass on Simeon's Tim Flowers, but I wanted a little more size.


G-Michael Thompson, Lincoln Park, Sr.
G-Jacob Pullen, Proviso East, Sr.
F-Matt Humphrey, Hales, Jr.
F-Mike Stovall, Marshall, Sr.
C-Jawan Nelson, Bloom, Jr.

The bench was easier to select. Thompson is a no-brainer as back up point guard. Humphrey and Stovall are long and athletic and would be huge sparks off the bench. I went with Nelson as my backup center because I expect him to have a very big season.

Time to exercise your right to vote. Which ten guys would you hit the road with this season?

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Pg- Derrick Rose
Sg- Jake Pullen
Sf- Evan Turner
Pf- Carlton Fay
C- Tim Flowers

My first team starts with Rose. No brainer. Pullen will provide D and those are two monsters down low. Turner is a long 3 who will do whatever it takes.

Pg- Mike Thompson
G- Trey Blue
G- Mustapha Farrakhan
F- Mike Stovall
C- Brandon McGee

Thompson is a good backup PG. I pick Blue because he has the downstate experience and will provide scoring along with defense. Farrakhan will likely have a great year. Stovall is highly athletic and will help on the boards. McGee will mesh well with this team.

PG. Derrick Rose
SG. Mike Stovall
SF. Deandre Liggins
PF. Brandon Mcgee
C. Michael Dunigan

I like a little more size on my team Derrick Rose is a given Stovall will be more of a 2 in college and has good size for it. I cant believe nobody mentioned Liggins. I like Brandon Mcgee at the 4 since thats what he will be in College, and Dunigan at C got the size and will give a defensive presence.

G Michael Thompson
G Jacob Pullen
G/FRyan Hare
F Evan Turner
C/FTim Flowers

Thompson is a good PG, hare can play the 2 or 3. Turner is a good 4. And Tim can play the 4 or C.

g- derrick rose'
g- demetri mccamey
g/f- evan turner
pf-kevin johnson
c-tim flowers

g jacob pullen
g-michael thompson
g/f- deandre liggins
f- kevin johnson
c- brandon mcgee

I decided to make my starters all seniors and my bench all juniors with an all sophomore reserve squad. This is not necesarily made up of the best indavidual players, but of the players i would want on MY team.Also, i'm not quite sure if i am only supposed to include chicagoland area players, but since downstate teams are ranked by the suntimes.... i figure ill add the players to my list.
PG Derrick Rose-Simeon
SG Darrington Hobson- Decatur Christian
SF Evan Turner- St. Josephs
PF Nayal Koshwal- Boys To Men
C Mike Tisdale- Riverton
Rose is the obvious pick at the point gaurd spot. I would put McCamey at the 2, but he is now officially a PG, so i chose Hobson who recently moved from Texas to Decatur and is a big time player. Evan Turner is a very skilled and aggresive player and he is the perfect fit for the three spot. Koshwal has the body of a NBA player ( partly because he is like 21) and has a incredible array of post moves taught to him by the great Loren Jackson. Tisdale grew 8 inches from when he was 14 untill he was 16, so he has great skills for a player his height.

PG Lewis Jackson- Decatur Eisenhower
SG Verdell Jones III- Champaign Central
SF- Ryan Hare- Marshall
PF- Mike Dunnigan- Farragut
C- Beas Hamga- Decatur Christian


PG- Chris Colvin- Whitney Young
SG- Xavier Humphrey- Fenwick
SF- D.J. Richardson- Peoria Central
PF- Mike Haynes- Washington
C- Steve"Baby Barkley" Walker

i cant believe you all left out Allen McGaha from Foreman High school.Some of u might know him but he provide great back up for Rose.He does more than score,assist,rebound,and d.Allen also take care of the ball at the point.I expect a breakout season from him.Top junior in my eyes. PG:Allen McGaha
SG:Dion Dixon
SF:Ryan Hare
SF/PF:Matt Humphrey
C:Josh Crittle

Put Allen at the 1 and let him penatrate and dish all Dion,Ryan,and Matt has to do is spot up and if nobody stops Allen from penatrateing (which i dont think too many players could) no can stop this 5 in 08.You can also put Kevin Dillard at the point but i think Allen is a better scorer



How can the Top Player picks be fair?, when most of the schools are never recognized. There are many good players that are never mentioned.
Michele Clark High School on the West Side have a few good players. Lets stop focusing primarily on the same inner city schools every year. Give other players a chance to brag about their skills.

All of the player's above are very good players. A new player from Indiana whom played on Indiana Select 2008 will be a big impact on Decatur basketball as opposed to Lewis Jackson, Jeremy Robinson, some of Decatur Christians players, Macarthurs Stefon Carson, and Robert Kreps whom is in the same conference as the new guy MELVIN TATE. He is 6'2 and is a prime defender as well as an offensive threat. Able to take his man off the dribble or pull up. St. Teresa's Bill Ipsen is glad to have him at St. Teresa. Just watch out for him.!

I heard all of the hype about Mike Stovall before I actually saw him play. I watched him play in a game against Thornwood High School and he was on fire. Once I saw how he just dominated the entire game I knew that this young man would make it very far. Now I can't turn on the news or look in the paper without seeing how Mike Stovall put on a stellar performance. If a team really wants to come out on top they ABSOLUTELY have to put Mike Stovall in the starting line-up.

G-Derrick Rose, Simeon, Sr.
G-Jerome Harris, Collins,Soph.
F-Ryan Hare, Marshall, Jr.
F-Evan Turner, St. Joseph, Sr.
C-Brandon McGee, Crane, Sr

Look to ISU and I don't mean Iowa Stae. Illinois State is the place with their new coach

Melvin Tate ranks as one of the top underrated jrs in the state. He showed his versatility while at the NACA tournament in Fort Bluff, TN. Averaging just over 15 points and 10 assist a game.THis tournament consisted of showcase players such as Tyreke Evans, Michael Glover, and many other division one prospects. Melvin whom went to st. teresa was then recruited by Coach Huss at Decatur Christian from st. teresa. He'll be a senior next year and is going to be one of the key guards for Huss's new recruitment and elite team for the year 2007. Look out for this uncommitted senior to be. It is said that he'll likely play for one of the Indiana Elite teams. He is sensationally fun to watch

I am Melvin Tate's dad and he almost had a horrible set back last year. Playing for Saint Teresa. Coach Ibson knew he played Point Guard all his life. Last year in indiana he averaged 16 points, 5.8 assist, and 6 rebounds a game. Melvin Tate is now 6'3 so because of his height (not his talent) he made him a 4th string power forward at 155 lbs. Who couldn't get a minute in a varsity blowout. Then he was told because of his attitude that he could not dress varsity. He went from a starter to a full time bench warmer under Ibson. he only averaged 20 minutes a game in JV and would get 20 points, 5 assist, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks a game. Then we had a problem getting his paperwork transferred from St Teresa.(a whole MONTH)Durng that time they would say just stick it out and it will be okay. Ibson personally told me Melvin Tate is not good enough to play on his team. (6'3 point/shooting Guard 85% free throw shooter 43% three point shooter.)St Teresa had even reported Melvin Tate to the ISHAA to keep him from playing further. It never stopped anything. Thank GOD he was allowed to play anyway. He is now on a 5 day a week training program getting ready for next season. Also a B average student. and has been offered to travel to Australia and play point/shooting guard. This year ibson lost a total of 5 players in all Melvin Tate was the first to go. I have to take my hat off to My son. He still went to shake Ibson's hand and thanked him for everything he has done for him. Coach Ibson could not even look Melvin Tate in his eye. so he mumbled Good Luck! I have no hard feelings now because GOD has found favor in my sons eyes and blessed Him to be at Decatur Christian. He plays the Best talent in the country and has a real shot at earning the green light next year. Notice i said has a shot. I don't believe in giving my son anything. It is only fair if Melvin works for it and deserves it. Only the best should play period. No exceptions. Not even for my own son.

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